Monday, January 16, 2012

Picture of naked underage malay girl spread like wildfire in facebook

Dear young girl, please don't take this kind of photo and share it with your so-called boyfriend. Please think of consequences and don't do it for fun. You still just a kid not yet adult. I pity your parents and angry with that guy who spread this kind of picture with public. It's too late to stop another people to spread this picture... How u gonna face your own parents?

P/S: Don't ask me which facebook account user post it or origin of this picture.

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  1. I'm Sonja McDonell, 23, Swiss Airlines Stewardess with 13 cities in oversea, very tender with much fantasies at emergency cases in my wonderful job. I had 3 girls in KL & all asked me, whether they can comr in my hotel room. I gave then 100-150 Euros for short time, because it was the best lesbian sex I've ever had.


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