Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Malaysia's 8TV racist ramadan adverts pulled

  Have you watch this 8TV ramadan advertisement before in TV or youtube? What do you think about it? Is it really that racist? I have been living & interact with different races since i was kid. Because of it, i have deep understanding & knowledge about their culture and religion too. I know what i should or shouldn't when i buying food at food bazaar and i don't behave like a idiot or ignorant like the Chinese ladies inside the video.

   I think 8TV want to stereotype all the Chinese ethic people that we are that ignorant and don't have quite good understanding with their culture. However, i can say that 99% of us wouldn't behave like that in bazaar since we been living with other races for more than 50 years. I am sure that we understand each other very well and that's why this country still exist and peaceful now. A lot of people become offended because we have been stereotype as a ignorant race ethic in this ads. 8TV shouldn't poke fun on Ramadan or chinese ethic like this, they should be more sensitive whenever they make a TV commercial

  However, i don't think this is a correct ethic way to get or boost your TV ratings by poking fun on racial issue? Be more creative and show some empathy to your audience before you make this kind of ads. 


  1. I am a Malay, sorry if the video piss you. I know some Malay dislike Chinese, and otherwise. But there is only small percentage of it who don't really know how to think.
    Behavior has nothing to do with races. I have a few Chinese friends that are more helpful than some Malay friend, and otherwise. It really has nothing to do with races.

  2. Ramadan Says:

    I got a great knowledge about islam after reading this article i want more articles about islam and The holy Month Ramadan

  3. Max: not that i really that piss off la. It's just be more sensitive as not everyone can accept this kind of jokes. Remember last year TV3 ramadan ad? Media Prima haven't learn their lesson yet.

    Ramadan: If you want to learn more about islam, consult your friend :)


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