Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hungry Ghost Festivals. Unique food to offer to the spirits

   Have you offer your prayers to spirits during hungry ghost festivals yet and what do you offer to them? Burning money, jolly sticks and offer food such as orange and apple to them? There is a new hype in Taiwan where people offering very unusual kind of food to those wandering spirits. It's quite unique for me as this is the first time i saw people offering this kind of food to them. If you don't mind you offer it to them during prayers. Don't worry they will definitely like and happy to have this kind of food as offering.

That's it. It's Mcdonald's.

 Hahaha. I am sure they will definitely gonna love and happy with this happy meal from McDonald. Give a try when you offer some food and money to them.


  1. They are loving it! Haha :D GCB some more~

  2. Wow "I'm Lovin It" haha. Guess it must have been the deceased's fav maybe our Colonel's finger licking good would be appearing soon in one of the offerings.


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