Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Half naked hot girl playing WoW during hot summer

   Chinese net users have been busily sharing pictures of girl gamers coping with the summer heat by stripping off down to their underwear and beyond. These hot girls playing World of warcraft half naked in own their room only. These pictures are believed to be taken by their own boyfriend without those hot girl acknowledgment. Their boyfriend decide to share their hot girl friend pictures with the China netizens.

   If you really can't stand the heat during summer and want to strip down to your lingerie, please make sure you close your down and you are alone. If not, your pictures will be spread like wild fire..


  1. Wow how do you managed to get all these hot pixz? Too hot Bananaz is sweating as well hahaha.

  2. Wth?? I don't really get what point you're trying to bring across. Do you WANT girls to be more discreet? So they can protect their dignity?

    Really? Because sharing their pictures online is a great way to do that. GOD would you do this if it were your girlsfriend? Or your sister?

  3. Hey, why don,t you let others be what they are. Let them have their fun. You cannot change others!

  4. WoW, i like that second last one's PC setup

  5. I have just downloaded iStripper, so I can watch the hottest virtual strippers on my taskbar.


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