Saturday, August 13, 2011

Google+ Roll out flash games

    Finally, Google decide to roll out few social games on their Google+. For now, there are 16 games in google+ including angry birds as well. According to official google blog, they will be adding more games in google+ in the future. The lineup of google flash games in google+ is much more better than facebook in term of quality. However if you want to play this games, you need to allow google+ to access your basic information about your account and a list of people from your circles.

Part of flash games that google+ have

   If you feel your privacy will be intruded by google+. i suggest you not to play their flash games. However compare with facebook, i put my trust more on google+ for not mining my personal details and intrude my privacy. So go ahead and enjoy your google games. Just keep an eye on the top navigation panel of your Google+ account

Angry birds

   Ya, in case if you want to google+ invitation just post a comment here.


  1. Already tried. Not too bad. :)

  2. Nice~

    Want a invitation code, thanks you Monk


    Thank again


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