Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Call of duty 9: London warfare

 New call of duty series has been announced by Treyarch yesterday. This new series will be release in next year fall 2012. This game is the ninth installment of the call the game is the seventh installment of the call of duty series. A picture of this game has just been released in their official website 

He will be the main character for this new call of duty series.
   Lol. By the way, this is just a photo which i come across when i surfing in facebook. It's not the new series, it's just a parody picture.  By the way, this person is Boris Johnson, mayor of london. I really hope the riot in london will stop soon. Don't attack innocent people or destroying other people property for your own amusement and grudge towards police. If you kids want to protest, make a peaceful demonstration instead.

P/S: R.I.O.T.S =Real Idiots On The Streets

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