Friday, August 5, 2011

Battle between HTC & Google with Apple (Animated News Video)

  Apple News present a news about the battle of HTC & google with Apple in a very unique and funny way with the help of animation. These 2 videos are 3D animation and set in ancient Chinese background. I really amused with the way they present the news to their audiences. This 2 videos will definitely gonna leave a deep impression to audience because of it's impact and awesomeness .

   Apple CEO Steve Jobs plays a role of an undefeatable master of the martial arts while HTC’s representative is a young female warrior fighting against Apple. The first video tells the story HTC was sued by Apple for infringing on 2 patents and HTC lost the preliminary ruling. The second one continues with the rally of HTC on the Taiwanese stock market after a period of decline and how Google backs HTC in the battle.

Part 1 -  Apple sues HTC for patent infringement

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Part 2 -  Google backs HTC in fight with Apple 

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I hope Google and HTC will win in these patent battle. As a customers, i really don't like one company dominates the world market in smartphones. As there is no health competition in smartphones markets, Apple can do whatever they want (for example : they can put high price tag for phones) as there is a lot of demands for their smartphones. They can host us a hostage.

When there is a health competition between this two companies, we will get of benefit from them. As they maybe offer a lot promotions and low price tag as well for their smartphones product to us. They will do they best to make sure their can retain their customers and will definitely gonna improve their product and service. As a result, we can get more value by buying phone from them.

Folks think twice before buying a smartphone from Apple :). Support HTC instead. Steve Jobs is too rich already :P

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