Monday, July 4, 2011

WikiLeaks Brilliant MasterCard Commercial Parody

    Do you guys see remember the day on last year when MasterCard and Visa pull plug on wikileaks payments? Wikileaks just release a mastercard commercial parody featuring the founder of wikileaks, Julian Assange in Youtube. They decide to make fun of MasterCard 'Priceless' adverts and get their sweet revenge on them as well. A spoof of the fact that major credit card and online payment companies have withheld over $15 Million in donations to WikiLeaks.

   I personally believe there are political motive behind MasterCard decision's to pull plug on wikileaks. It's not a very wise for Mastercard to make such a decision as it's show me they are not professional enough. Mastercard should stay neutral and do nothing to assist the politics. It's not good to make political motive in making decision in business.

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