Sunday, July 3, 2011

Video of KFC Staff sparks a controversy

   Recently, there is a video about a KFC staff spread like a wildfire in Facebook and Malaysian Community. After i watching this video, I assure that you will not going to Kentucky Fried Chicken to eat at least for a while. This video show a staff trying to impress his colleagues by sweeping a piece of chicken along his shoe soles. This is disgusting and unacceptable at all, imagine if that chicken given to you. 

   According to KFC, the incident in question was brought to their attention last year in which two police reports were made. The individuals involved in no longer working at KFC. In other to avoid this kind of thing happen in the future, it's better for KFC to have open kitchen instead so that we as a customers will rest assured when having meal at there. Or they can put CCTV in their kitchen so that the higher management can observe whether they working according to law and regulations.

  I really hope that KFC Malaysia will give us proper update and explanation of this whole incident to their customers. If this case is not handle well by them, i am sure that a lot of their customers are not going to dine at KFC for a while at least as their lost their trust on KFC Malaysia. Once you lost your customer's trust, you can hardly regain their confidence. I hope they will give us proper explanation asap.


  1. Damm freaking disgusting! :(

  2. For now i not going to eat at KFC for a while until they able to solve this problem and give proper explaination

  3. Ewww!! No wonder KFC chix are somewhat delish! That was just plain filthy!

  4. yes, it's really shocking to have seen how they behaved and have treated our food behind the scene!! this is definitely not ethical!!

  5. No wonder why it taste solely yummy its.."shoeing licking good". My goodness!. That guy is sick! What goes around comes around the evil doer has to face the consequences sooner or later.

  6. noni: Yeah KFC chicken is delicious because of these extra ingredient.

    SK: I want to puke after see this video

    Bananaz: I hope that guy will get it's karma soon.


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