Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Video of bodies 'fall from carriages' during train crash clean-up in China

   A lot of chinese citizens become anger in the wake of a major rail crash after watching a video of showing bodies tumbling out of wrecked train carriages as officials hurried to clear up the scene of the disaster. Officials show no mercy, empathy at all even though there are still a lot of victim bodies in the carriages. Not only that, they also show disrespect to victims and their family at all by burying the victim bodies with the carriages together. There are no proper burial and funeral for victims and this shows that China officials are a bunch of heartless people.

   It's seem like the authorities are literally covering up the real cause of the accident, though the government has vacillated between calling the wrecked trains “mere scrap metal” and suggesting they contain secret technology the Japanese or others might try to steal back from them. It's sad to see the government of cynically burying them along with the wrecks.


  1. Haih...what is wrong with us? Accidents have been happening? Is this a sign? :(

  2. This is cause by human error :(. The world is not going to end soon -_-"

  3. Why? Scrap metal can still be useful..its the decision of the authorities and they have have their reason..:(

  4. Shouldn't they remove all the victim bodies first and investigate, collect evidence before bury it? It's would be best for all parties. It's smell fishy cause they burn the train with bodies as well even though investigation still haven't finish... It's seem like they want to cover something...


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