Monday, July 11, 2011

Two new footage of Police attacks on Malaysia Hospital emerge.

 There are 2 new footage video of police attacks on Malaysia hospital emerge on youtube today. This times, both video which emerge on youtube was captured by 2 different people. These two camerman happen to be  inside the compound of the hospital and inside the hospital's building when that incident took place. It's clear that the police indeed did attack the hospital during Bersih Rally on 09/July/2011. These two new evidences (videos) show that Malaysia Police did  violated core principles of international humanitarian law. 

This video is captured inside the hospital building

This place is just outside of that hospital building in the first video

  It's seem our Prime Minister and Police are big fat liar. They try their very best to cover their mistakes by feeding us a lot of makeup stories and excuses which only an idiot that will trust them. I can't trust them at all since they only care about themselves more than the life of innocent people and patient reside in the hospital. What a shame to have this kind of Prime Minister to govern our country and these kind of barbaric police.


  1. We have been cheated by the government...

  2. Because mainstream newspaper, government and police cheating. This is why we have to tell the truth to educate the public.


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