Saturday, July 16, 2011

Shanghai Bridge Made of Rubbish Collapses

   Citizens of Shanghai are aghast at the collapse of a major new bridge, pictured, which was revealed to be constructed partially out of rubbish instead of concrete. The bridge, spanning the Wusong River in central Shanghai, was completed in 2009 and replaced a century old bridge with a more modern design.
However, after only a short period in operation the bridge began to collapse, with investigators finding such sturdy construction materials as bags of rubbish, Styrofoam, scrap wood and waste plastic used in the structure in place of reinforced concrete.

    Sadly, such cases of outrageous workmanship are all too common in China, which may find many of its rapidly rising skylines are none too sturdily constructed. I wonder why they don't care about the safety of user. Is saving the cost of the construction is much more important than the lives of their citizen. I really can't comprehend this at all..

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