Monday, July 11, 2011

Sariah Gallego decides to join dark side to become sith girl

    Sariah Gallego a 8 years old girl getting so much attention from my YouTube due to a video of her and her antics. Her parents bring her to a trip to disneyland. Sariah is a huge Star Wars fans and decide to go to stage when Darth Vader appear. Unlike other children who doesn't idolize Darth Vader, she Sariah decides to bow to Darth Vader and joins the Dark Side in front of everyone! Everyone have a good laugh and i love to see the fist pump from the storm troopers. Not only that, check out her interview video as well to find out why this little girl want to join Dark Side.

   Because of these video, she become famous and now she has her own website at here. Check it out.
It's cool to see that not every kid want to join good side or good people. It's great to be yourself and unique. Cheers Sariah Gallego!

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