Sunday, July 24, 2011

Reason why you shouldn't ask friends to edit your photo online

   The story begin when a son request her mother to jump in front of cherry tree so that he take a great photo of jump. However, his son not satisfy and feeling something wrong with photo that he take.Then, he decide to ask his friends to help him to edit the photo it to make it look nice. Using their creatives, the photo not only become better, nicer than original but also more hilarious as well.

Original Picture

A simple request to edit of a photo like above enough to make all hell break loose...


Action Movie.

Slam Dunk

Goalkeepers :)

Angry Mom

Super mom bros

Mirana The White Tiger

Gang Biker

Iron Mom

Wrestler? lol

It's hilarious and funny. His friend's creatives and photoshop skill are amazing. That's why you never ever learn your friend your photo. Or else you will end up as internet celebrity like his mom. 


  1. Hahaha :D I want them to edit my photos online.

  2. Then try to take a funny post of yours :P


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