Wednesday, July 20, 2011

McDonald's GCB Coupon Buy 1 Free 1

    Someone in the office forward this McDonald's e-coupon to me in the evening. In order to redeem this buy 1 GCB free 1 GCB (Grilled Chicken Burger), you just need to print this coupon out and present it upon ordering in McDonald's. However this coupon/promotion start on 21 till 23 July 2011 only from 11am to 12 midnight. So what you guys waiting for, just go and grab your free burger :).

I gonna get my Grilled Chicken Burger tomorrow. If you guys want to know how good this burger is, check out my friend's review here. Hope you guys will enjoy your free burger as well.

Update: Thank to LauraLeia, i found out that this coupon is fake =_=". Luckily i haven't print it out yet and present it when ordering. It's good if this is real coupon :(.

I have been trolled. Omgwtfbbqsauce.

 When i enlarged this coupon i found out that the pixels surrounding GCB are quite different from other pixels.


  1. McDonald's Malaysia has announced that this coupon is a fake. The real one is for Double Cheeseburger.

    Details here:!/photo.php?fbid=10150706638765023&set=a.354401130022.351428.142518590022&type=1&comments


  2. Thanks for telling me the truth Laura :)

  3. macam neh pon ade juga yang nak buat fake coupon...huh! siapa la dia tue yer

  4. Memang x ada kerja buat org macam ini. Buat saya gembira je..


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