Sunday, July 3, 2011

Man pulls bikini top off his girlfriend in audition for the drama

   A shameless man stripped off his girlfriend in front of a lot of people during an audition for a TV series in China. The whole incident was captured on video and the clip of it is circulating on the Internet like wild fire now. The scandalous video has been going viral on Chinese forums recently.
The video shows the angry man storming into the studio and interrupting the recording of the pageant’s swimwear segment.

   The other contestants and the show's female host were shoved by the man when they tried to stop him from attacking his girlfriend.The most shocking moment came when the man pulled down his girlfriend’s bikini top and attempted to tug her skirt off while shouting, “Let everyone see!”
The woman fell to the floor and her breasts popped out.Before he left the scene, he angrily threw something on a table at the woman and sweared at her.

   Why would a men like him trying to  humiliate his girlfriend in front of people. Why would he become so furious?  Can't he wait until this audition is over then only talk with her. Instead, he should calm himself first before doing anything that will hurt, humiliate his love one. If he really love and care about her, he should encourage her and shouldn't scold her and act like a jerk.

   Although the video itself is censored, i not going to post it here at my blog. For those who looking for this video, you can check out here. Proceed at your own risk & don't blame me if you get caught while watching this video at your office :P. For those who are under 18 years old, go watch your cartoons (powerpuff girl, tom & jerry) or go to listen to this song instead. 


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