Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Malaysia Newspaper spread lies about Bersih Rally with photoshop picture

   One of the mainstream newspaper spread lies about Bersih Rally by photoshop a picture of peaceful protester holding a knife. That peaceful protester in the pictures actually is holding a small flag of Malaysia. There are evidence showing that Berita Harian Newspaper change it to a knife using photoshop. Berita Harian is so low and don't have ethic at all. This newspaper already violated Journalism ethics and standards by not report in accordance with the facts and suppress essential information. 

There is a white outline on that man

Is that knife or just a flag? 
  If you think these pictures not concrete enough as a proof, then look at the pictures analyse below...

This image have been save for few times. This means this photo is fake.

I hate liar. Unlike those mainstream newspaper which is controlled by our ruling party, i will not spread lies like them. Open your eye people, don't just trust everything that what our mainstream newspaper write, media broadcast and ruling party politician say. They all liar who like to spread lie and biased news to us. Let's us stop reading this biased newspaper and don't buy their newspaper as a protest 


  1. Goodness they were so unprofessional? :(

  2. unprofessional is an understatement...


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