Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jacob walk of life 2011 (Bersih 2.0 Theme)

  Last sunday, i participate in Jacob's Walk of Life event with my buddy. I decide want to join thousands of people to take the first step towards better health by walking. All of us will be wearing a yellow shirt on this event, and it's kinda make feel like Jacobs want to hold another Bersih Rally in Taman Pertanian Negara for Clean and Fair Elections. I think it's not a coincident that using yellow colour as main theme in this event after Bersih Rally was held a week ago :P

My buddy and i reach at there around 6:30am morning

   Anyway, i able to finish this 6km walk without resting or stopping at all in 50 minutes. Not bad for a guy who didn't exercise at all. What's make me more motivate is when there is a grandma (around 60++ years old) in front of me in last km of walk. To save my dignity, i push myself to walk faster than her. That grandma more fit than a young guy like me.

   When i waiting my turn to collect my goodies bag, there is a small group shouting at the staff and security. Not only that, they shout to them if they didn't distribute any goodies bag soon, they gonna "bersih" them.All these is due to the staffs who didn't want to distribute the goodies bag despite there is a long queue. We have been waiting for under hot burning sun for 20 minutes, yet they didn't want to distribute anything. Anyone can fell unconscious due to heat stoke but the staff didn't care about our safety at all. How can that small group of people not angry?

Registration booth where i pick up my "bersih shirt"

Hamsup/Perverted guy trying to take a photo of a girl

I can't resist myself to take a photo of a cute girl :D

Jacobs biscuits

A lot of people gathering on the field

CEO of certain company :)

My FM deejays , Jack and Mei Yan

Say Cheese and show your white and clean teeth pls?

Oat or Odd ?

Let's start our warm up.

At the starting point

It's like bersih rally. Lucikly no police here, if not you will see a lot of teargas


My goodies bag

A little gift from police traffic :D.

Inside my goodies back!

25% discount for mizuno product? Anyone want?

Who want this voucher?

  I able to conquer this Jacob's walk of life event although i feel a little bit of tired after i finish this walk. Despite that, it's not going to stop me to participate these kind of event in the future. Next time, let's walk together. See if you can walk faster than me :P

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