Sunday, July 31, 2011

How to instantly cool a hot car

   If you park your car in open space especially in the afternoon of the day, the temperature inside your car will rise up ridiculously high. It's like an oven inside your car and you need to wait for your car to cool down first before you can drive it. If you want to instantly cool down a hot car, there is a useful tip you can learn from this video. It's very easy tip/trick, all you need to do is pumping the door open and closed for several times.

  I try it myself on my own car and it worked so well! Here’s the trick: when your car is hot from being in the sun you can cool it down by rolling down one window and then, on the opposite side, open and close the car door around a half-dozen times. It pumps cooler air in from outside the car like a big set of bellows. I couldn’t believe how fast it cooled the car down.

  So folks, just give it a try if you want to instantly cool down your hot car which park under the sun for hours.


  1. Ah so desu kah..arigato very much. Looks like it has decreased the heat immediately. tQ

  2. That's actually pretty cool! It feels so uncomfortable when the car is all hot inside, right? Sometimes you forget about the sun until the moment you step inside the vehicle... ugh! The heat is not pleasant at all.

    Ellsworth Mciltrot

  3. It's unpleasant when u step in a car when it's hot outside. I try this method for few times and it's work.

  4. Yeah, the heat inside can leave you feeling cooked. Worse, the heat of a car can go pretty high up that it can seriously harm our health. It's important to get the car some cover, or get it cooled down before you head out to drive.
    -Nicole Vickers-

  5. Yup! This is effective because the air inside the car moves in a centripetal manner. If we open the door or the window on the left and, after a few minutes, close it and open the one on the opposite side, the air rushes in and out in a sort of sweeping action. Since the air that is coming in is cooler than what is inside, it pushes the hotter air out, since hot air is less dense than the cold air. Knowing simple things like these can make any car trip much more pleasant.Clint Moore


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