Saturday, July 2, 2011

How Morgan freeman solves racism problems which are still happening?

    An interviewer ask a series of question to Morgan Freeman about racism which is still happening in USA till now. Morgan Freeman answer these question brilliant and without any hesitation at all. Beside that, he question back what's the motive of asking these question till the interviewer unable to utter a single word from his mouth. It's very rare to see an interviewer lose control of an interview. I really like the answers and opinion that have been given by Morgan Freeman to the interviewer.

That's right. In order to stop racism, everyone need to play it part to stop doing it from happening. Although we have different skin, come from different race or history background, we all are classified as single species of life. In scientific name, human is called Homo Sapiens, Latin for "wise man". 

If everyone have a same mind and thought as Morgan Freeman, racist wouldn't happen in our country, Malaysia and USA. Our world be more peaceful.

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