Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fuji TV's "Let's go to spring!" Keeps Getting Sexier

   Fuji TV's Motto Onsen ni Ikou! (Let's go to Spring!) fuji tv broadcast motten family tv getting sexier. This tv program provides helpful onsen (spring) guidance for audience of both female and male for all ages. However, it's also provide some rather erotic scenes of female bathing in onsen as well which is not suitable for those underage or minor. I personally don't think it will gonna make it on Malaysia TV as it will definitely will not going to pass our government censorship.

   Although it didn't show any nipple or female reproduction organ on TV, i still consider this as a erotic show. What i really concern about what if those japanese kids accidentally watch "Let's go to spring!" program. What will happen to them?  Images that they saw in TV will plants in them a twisted and perverse view of human intimacy which is difficult or impossible to weed out. These early learning experiences can lead to sexual deviancy and crime, and often negatively affect their future relationships and marriage.

Warning:Proceed at your own risk & don't blame me if you get caught while watching screenshot of "Let's go to spring!" at your office :P. For those who are under 18 years old, go watch your cartoons (powerpuff girl, tom & jerry) or go to listen to this song instead. 

    Honestly this is way too much for family TV station. It's more like a porn than TV show that provide helpful tip for onsen guidance. 
This TV program is not healthy at all and i wonder why Fuji TV still broadcast it. It's show to me that all they care is their TV rating. As long as they get very high TV rating, they don't mind to corrupt those innocent minor mind. What a shame, Fuji TV


  1. lol..
    r u sure it's from Fuji TV?
    would love to watch it next week, but heck it's Ramadhan month.. LMFAO!

  2. Really. Pretty sure it's from Fuji TV


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