Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Alan's "Minna De Ne ~PANDA with Candy BEAR's~" Song and PV Preview.

  Few days aga, Alan the female Tibetan-Chinese singer active in the Japanese music industry release a double A-side single titled "Minna De Ne ~Panda with Candy Bear's/Ikiru. "Minna De Ne ~PANDA with Candy BEAR's~" will be used a promotional song for Ueno Zoo as they get 2 new giant pandas from China. This song is created specifically for Ueno Zoo’s Giant Panda Conservation Support Foundation which will be used as the foundation's theme in raising money to protect giant pandas. 

Cover for her latest single

   A short PV preview for the song "Minna De Ne ~PANDA with Candy BEAR's~" has been revealed. The PV features cute animations of people and pandas playing together happily. You can check out the preview below:

    The Japanese names of two giant pandas are Ri Ri andShin Shin. If you want to get Minna De Ne full song, you can download here. Hope you guys will also love this song too. Her vocal damn good and she can sing Japanese Song fluently (sing / sound like a real Japanese to me)


  1. A very catchy song from her. She does sing well huh...or maybe because I don't understand Japanese well? :p

  2. I thought she is japanese when i first listen to her song in a game :).


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