Sunday, July 31, 2011

How to instantly cool a hot car

   If you park your car in open space especially in the afternoon of the day, the temperature inside your car will rise up ridiculously high. It's like an oven inside your car and you need to wait for your car to cool down first before you can drive it. If you want to instantly cool down a hot car, there is a useful tip you can learn from this video. It's very easy tip/trick, all you need to do is pumping the door open and closed for several times.

  I try it myself on my own car and it worked so well! Here’s the trick: when your car is hot from being in the sun you can cool it down by rolling down one window and then, on the opposite side, open and close the car door around a half-dozen times. It pumps cooler air in from outside the car like a big set of bellows. I couldn’t believe how fast it cooled the car down.

  So folks, just give it a try if you want to instantly cool down your hot car which park under the sun for hours.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fuji TV's "Let's go to spring!" Keeps Getting Sexier

   Fuji TV's Motto Onsen ni Ikou! (Let's go to Spring!) fuji tv broadcast motten family tv getting sexier. This tv program provides helpful onsen (spring) guidance for audience of both female and male for all ages. However, it's also provide some rather erotic scenes of female bathing in onsen as well which is not suitable for those underage or minor. I personally don't think it will gonna make it on Malaysia TV as it will definitely will not going to pass our government censorship.

   Although it didn't show any nipple or female reproduction organ on TV, i still consider this as a erotic show. What i really concern about what if those japanese kids accidentally watch "Let's go to spring!" program. What will happen to them?  Images that they saw in TV will plants in them a twisted and perverse view of human intimacy which is difficult or impossible to weed out. These early learning experiences can lead to sexual deviancy and crime, and often negatively affect their future relationships and marriage.

Warning:Proceed at your own risk & don't blame me if you get caught while watching screenshot of "Let's go to spring!" at your office :P. For those who are under 18 years old, go watch your cartoons (powerpuff girl, tom & jerry) or go to listen to this song instead. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Video of bodies 'fall from carriages' during train crash clean-up in China

   A lot of chinese citizens become anger in the wake of a major rail crash after watching a video of showing bodies tumbling out of wrecked train carriages as officials hurried to clear up the scene of the disaster. Officials show no mercy, empathy at all even though there are still a lot of victim bodies in the carriages. Not only that, they also show disrespect to victims and their family at all by burying the victim bodies with the carriages together. There are no proper burial and funeral for victims and this shows that China officials are a bunch of heartless people.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Yahoo! I just got my Google Plus Invitation!!!

    Finally, I get my long-awaited google+ invitation in just 30 minutes after i request for invitation in this forum/website. If you would like to have google+ invitation, you can ask or request at Google+ answers or you can request me to invite you as well. Google+ is a new social networking service just like facebook. After 3 weeks Google+ in operations, it has already reached 20 million users making it as the fastest growing social network in the history.


There are five key features are there in Google Plus which have been listed below:

Mad Gunman kill more than 90 people in norway's island youth camp attack

    A mad gunman known as a Christian and conservative open fire on youth camp and killed more than 85 people in that attack. This is most deadliest attack by a lone gunman anywhere in modern times. The motive of this gunman killing those innocent people is still unknown. Eyewitnesses described how a tall, blond man dressed as a policeman opened fire indiscriminately, prompting camp attendees to jump into the water to try to escape the hail of bullets. 

Mad Gunman who kill more than 90 people in norway

A gunman carries out a killing spree on Utoeya island.

Gunshot victims are pulled ashore on Utoya Island

Reason why you shouldn't ask friends to edit your photo online

   The story begin when a son request her mother to jump in front of cherry tree so that he take a great photo of jump. However, his son not satisfy and feeling something wrong with photo that he take.Then, he decide to ask his friends to help him to edit the photo it to make it look nice. Using their creatives, the photo not only become better, nicer than original but also more hilarious as well.

Original Picture

A simple request to edit of a photo like above enough to make all hell break loose...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

McDonald's GCB Coupon Buy 1 Free 1

    Someone in the office forward this McDonald's e-coupon to me in the evening. In order to redeem this buy 1 GCB free 1 GCB (Grilled Chicken Burger), you just need to print this coupon out and present it upon ordering in McDonald's. However this coupon/promotion start on 21 till 23 July 2011 only from 11am to 12 midnight. So what you guys waiting for, just go and grab your free burger :).

I gonna get my Grilled Chicken Burger tomorrow. If you guys want to know how good this burger is, check out my friend's review here. Hope you guys will enjoy your free burger as well.

Update: Thank to LauraLeia, i found out that this coupon is fake =_=". Luckily i haven't print it out yet and present it when ordering. It's good if this is real coupon :(.

I have been trolled. Omgwtfbbqsauce.

 When i enlarged this coupon i found out that the pixels surrounding GCB are quite different from other pixels.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jacob walk of life 2011 (Bersih 2.0 Theme)

  Last sunday, i participate in Jacob's Walk of Life event with my buddy. I decide want to join thousands of people to take the first step towards better health by walking. All of us will be wearing a yellow shirt on this event, and it's kinda make feel like Jacobs want to hold another Bersih Rally in Taman Pertanian Negara for Clean and Fair Elections. I think it's not a coincident that using yellow colour as main theme in this event after Bersih Rally was held a week ago :P

My buddy and i reach at there around 6:30am morning

   Anyway, i able to finish this 6km walk without resting or stopping at all in 50 minutes. Not bad for a guy who didn't exercise at all. What's make me more motivate is when there is a grandma (around 60++ years old) in front of me in last km of walk. To save my dignity, i push myself to walk faster than her. That grandma more fit than a young guy like me.

   When i waiting my turn to collect my goodies bag, there is a small group shouting at the staff and security. Not only that, they shout to them if they didn't distribute any goodies bag soon, they gonna "bersih" them.All these is due to the staffs who didn't want to distribute the goodies bag despite there is a long queue. We have been waiting for under hot burning sun for 20 minutes, yet they didn't want to distribute anything. Anyone can fell unconscious due to heat stoke but the staff didn't care about our safety at all. How can that small group of people not angry?

Registration booth where i pick up my "bersih shirt"

Monday, July 18, 2011

The most unlucky Fishing show presenter Bill Dance

  Fishing show presenter Bill Dance must be world record holder for the most number of hilarious TV bloopers to happen to a man. His hilarious TV bloopers as good as Mr.Bean show and i personally think that he would be better and more successful in comedy genre drama or TV show. I personally think that it's kinda of waste talent to become a presenter for fishing show. 

Veteran fisherman Bill Dance's classic bloopers

Yeah, if you still active as TV host, you should consider to host comedy genre TV show. You earn much more money than hosting a fishing show :P.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Shanghai Bridge Made of Rubbish Collapses

   Citizens of Shanghai are aghast at the collapse of a major new bridge, pictured, which was revealed to be constructed partially out of rubbish instead of concrete. The bridge, spanning the Wusong River in central Shanghai, was completed in 2009 and replaced a century old bridge with a more modern design.
However, after only a short period in operation the bridge began to collapse, with investigators finding such sturdy construction materials as bags of rubbish, Styrofoam, scrap wood and waste plastic used in the structure in place of reinforced concrete.

    Sadly, such cases of outrageous workmanship are all too common in China, which may find many of its rapidly rising skylines are none too sturdily constructed. I wonder why they don't care about the safety of user. Is saving the cost of the construction is much more important than the lives of their citizen. I really can't comprehend this at all..

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Malaysia Newspaper spread lies about Bersih Rally with photoshop picture

   One of the mainstream newspaper spread lies about Bersih Rally by photoshop a picture of peaceful protester holding a knife. That peaceful protester in the pictures actually is holding a small flag of Malaysia. There are evidence showing that Berita Harian Newspaper change it to a knife using photoshop. Berita Harian is so low and don't have ethic at all. This newspaper already violated Journalism ethics and standards by not report in accordance with the facts and suppress essential information. 

There is a white outline on that man

Is that knife or just a flag? 
  If you think these pictures not concrete enough as a proof, then look at the pictures analyse below...

This image have been save for few times. This means this photo is fake.

I hate liar. Unlike those mainstream newspaper which is controlled by our ruling party, i will not spread lies like them. Open your eye people, don't just trust everything that what our mainstream newspaper write, media broadcast and ruling party politician say. They all liar who like to spread lie and biased news to us. Let's us stop reading this biased newspaper and don't buy their newspaper as a protest 

Amnesty International condemn police use brutal force during Bersih Rally

    Amnesty International condemn malaysia police and Prime Minister Najib for using brutal force against peaceful protesters.Amnesty International (commonly known as Amnesty and AI) is an international non-governmental organisation whose stated mission is "to conduct research and generate action to prevent and end grave abuses of human rights, and to demand justice for those whose rights have been violated

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sariah Gallego decides to join dark side to become sith girl

    Sariah Gallego a 8 years old girl getting so much attention from my YouTube due to a video of her and her antics. Her parents bring her to a trip to disneyland. Sariah is a huge Star Wars fans and decide to go to stage when Darth Vader appear. Unlike other children who doesn't idolize Darth Vader, she Sariah decides to bow to Darth Vader and joins the Dark Side in front of everyone! Everyone have a good laugh and i love to see the fist pump from the storm troopers. Not only that, check out her interview video as well to find out why this little girl want to join Dark Side.

   Because of these video, she become famous and now she has her own website at here. Check it out.
It's cool to see that not every kid want to join good side or good people. It's great to be yourself and unique. Cheers Sariah Gallego!

Two new footage of Police attacks on Malaysia Hospital emerge.

 There are 2 new footage video of police attacks on Malaysia hospital emerge on youtube today. This times, both video which emerge on youtube was captured by 2 different people. These two camerman happen to be  inside the compound of the hospital and inside the hospital's building when that incident took place. It's clear that the police indeed did attack the hospital during Bersih Rally on 09/July/2011. These two new evidences (videos) show that Malaysia Police did  violated core principles of international humanitarian law. 

This video is captured inside the hospital building

This place is just outside of that hospital building in the first video

  It's seem our Prime Minister and Police are big fat liar. They try their very best to cover their mistakes by feeding us a lot of makeup stories and excuses which only an idiot that will trust them. I can't trust them at all since they only care about themselves more than the life of innocent people and patient reside in the hospital. What a shame to have this kind of Prime Minister to govern our country and these kind of barbaric police.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Malaysia Police attack hospital during Bersih Rally (Update 3)

   Our Malaysia Police Force (PDRM and FRU) violated the core principles of international humanitarian law by attacking a hospital. They launched a few teargas canister into Tung Shin Hospital Child Birth Unit.Under Geneva Convention, no hospitals can be attacked by all warring parties. Our police force denied that they attack that hospital despite there are a lot of evidences showing that they launched attack on hospital.

Malaysia Police attack hospital by gundamseedde

An attack on Tung Shin Hospital by Malaysia Police.

Malaysia Police launch few tear gas on hospital during Bersih Rally

    Our Malaysia Police is a liar, arrogant, brutal and uncivilized enforcement institute who abuse their power to hurt innocent,unarmored, harmless citizens who attend peaceful rally. They don't care if newborn babies getting injury or participants of Bersih rally getting killed. All they care is their image. As long as they can maintain their image, they will eliminate anything, anyone who dare to tarnish their image. What a shame, Malaysia Police

Update 1:

Two new footage of Police attacks on Malaysia Hospital emerge.

Update 2:

Tear Gas fired into Tung Shin Hospital Malaysia BERSIH 2.0 Rally

Bersih2.0 Teargas in Hospital

teargas being fired into hospital area

2011-07-09, 02:26pm, Bersih 2.0 Rally - In Front of Tung Shin Hospital

All my friend over the world, this is the PROOF!!!!!!!!See the RED circle!!!!!!!the Anti-riot vehicles is SHOOTING Tung Shin Hospital!!!!!

     Police attack Hospital Tung Shin

Update 3:
More videos and picture been added

BERSIH 2.0 : Tear Gas into Hospital Area

Bersih 2.0 Tung Shin Hospital attacked

FRU shooting tear gas

 Tear gas into Hospital

Polis did to hospital ! more to come

Friday, July 8, 2011

Is it Bersih Rally 2.0 illegal and unclean?

    According to our mainstream tv station and newpapers which are control by our ruling party, Bersih rally is illegal and unclean. However our King Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin’s decision to grant an audience to Bersih 2.0 chief and allow this rally to be held on a stadium. However, our ruling party abuse their power to stop this rally despite Article 10 of the Constitution of Malaysia guarantees Malaysian citizens the right to freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of association.

Al-Jazeera and That Effing show think that this rally is legal unlike mainstream media twist it's word to badmouth this rally in order to give impression to outsiders that this rally is illegal. Whether you believe in me or not, let's check out this video first.


  Don't believe 100% of what our mainstream media say, write and talk about bersih rally. These medium are control by government. They will try they best to make government look like innocent victim and make opposition party like a bad guys. Open your eyes and mind. Who is the one is the real villain here?

How to survive tear gas when you attend Bersih Rally

   To all warriors who will attend the Bersih Rally tomorrow, please be prepare for tear gas and pepper spray. They will definitely gonna use it on you even though this is peaceful protest for Electoral Reform.  Yet our mainstream newpapers which control by ruling party label this rally is illegal even though Article 10 of the Constitution of Malaysia guarantees Malaysian citizens the right to freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of association. I will share with you guys on how to survive tear gas and pepper spray in this post.

  First let's check out this idiot's guide on how to surviving tear gas.

  I hope this information is useful for bersih rally warriors. Good luck guys and may god bless you!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Alan's "Minna De Ne ~PANDA with Candy BEAR's~" Song and PV Preview.

  Few days aga, Alan the female Tibetan-Chinese singer active in the Japanese music industry release a double A-side single titled "Minna De Ne ~Panda with Candy Bear's/Ikiru. "Minna De Ne ~PANDA with Candy BEAR's~" will be used a promotional song for Ueno Zoo as they get 2 new giant pandas from China. This song is created specifically for Ueno Zoo’s Giant Panda Conservation Support Foundation which will be used as the foundation's theme in raising money to protect giant pandas. 

Cover for her latest single

   A short PV preview for the song "Minna De Ne ~PANDA with Candy BEAR's~" has been revealed. The PV features cute animations of people and pandas playing together happily. You can check out the preview below:

    The Japanese names of two giant pandas are Ri Ri andShin Shin. If you want to get Minna De Ne full song, you can download here. Hope you guys will also love this song too. Her vocal damn good and she can sing Japanese Song fluently (sing / sound like a real Japanese to me)

Monday, July 4, 2011

WikiLeaks Brilliant MasterCard Commercial Parody

    Do you guys see remember the day on last year when MasterCard and Visa pull plug on wikileaks payments? Wikileaks just release a mastercard commercial parody featuring the founder of wikileaks, Julian Assange in Youtube. They decide to make fun of MasterCard 'Priceless' adverts and get their sweet revenge on them as well. A spoof of the fact that major credit card and online payment companies have withheld over $15 Million in donations to WikiLeaks.

   I personally believe there are political motive behind MasterCard decision's to pull plug on wikileaks. It's not a very wise for Mastercard to make such a decision as it's show me they are not professional enough. Mastercard should stay neutral and do nothing to assist the politics. It's not good to make political motive in making decision in business.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Video of KFC Staff sparks a controversy

   Recently, there is a video about a KFC staff spread like a wildfire in Facebook and Malaysian Community. After i watching this video, I assure that you will not going to Kentucky Fried Chicken to eat at least for a while. This video show a staff trying to impress his colleagues by sweeping a piece of chicken along his shoe soles. This is disgusting and unacceptable at all, imagine if that chicken given to you. 

   According to KFC, the incident in question was brought to their attention last year in which two police reports were made. The individuals involved in no longer working at KFC. In other to avoid this kind of thing happen in the future, it's better for KFC to have open kitchen instead so that we as a customers will rest assured when having meal at there. Or they can put CCTV in their kitchen so that the higher management can observe whether they working according to law and regulations.

  I really hope that KFC Malaysia will give us proper update and explanation of this whole incident to their customers. If this case is not handle well by them, i am sure that a lot of their customers are not going to dine at KFC for a while at least as their lost their trust on KFC Malaysia. Once you lost your customer's trust, you can hardly regain their confidence. I hope they will give us proper explanation asap.

Man pulls bikini top off his girlfriend in audition for the drama

   A shameless man stripped off his girlfriend in front of a lot of people during an audition for a TV series in China. The whole incident was captured on video and the clip of it is circulating on the Internet like wild fire now. The scandalous video has been going viral on Chinese forums recently.
The video shows the angry man storming into the studio and interrupting the recording of the pageant’s swimwear segment.

   The other contestants and the show's female host were shoved by the man when they tried to stop him from attacking his girlfriend.The most shocking moment came when the man pulled down his girlfriend’s bikini top and attempted to tug her skirt off while shouting, “Let everyone see!”
The woman fell to the floor and her breasts popped out.Before he left the scene, he angrily threw something on a table at the woman and sweared at her.

   Why would a men like him trying to  humiliate his girlfriend in front of people. Why would he become so furious?  Can't he wait until this audition is over then only talk with her. Instead, he should calm himself first before doing anything that will hurt, humiliate his love one. If he really love and care about her, he should encourage her and shouldn't scold her and act like a jerk.

   Although the video itself is censored, i not going to post it here at my blog. For those who looking for this video, you can check out here. Proceed at your own risk & don't blame me if you get caught while watching this video at your office :P. For those who are under 18 years old, go watch your cartoons (powerpuff girl, tom & jerry) or go to listen to this song instead. 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

How Morgan freeman solves racism problems which are still happening?

    An interviewer ask a series of question to Morgan Freeman about racism which is still happening in USA till now. Morgan Freeman answer these question brilliant and without any hesitation at all. Beside that, he question back what's the motive of asking these question till the interviewer unable to utter a single word from his mouth. It's very rare to see an interviewer lose control of an interview. I really like the answers and opinion that have been given by Morgan Freeman to the interviewer.

That's right. In order to stop racism, everyone need to play it part to stop doing it from happening. Although we have different skin, come from different race or history background, we all are classified as single species of life. In scientific name, human is called Homo Sapiens, Latin for "wise man". 

If everyone have a same mind and thought as Morgan Freeman, racist wouldn't happen in our country, Malaysia and USA. Our world be more peaceful.
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