Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wonderbra - Prefect Strapless bra's TV ads

   Wonderbra has a reputation for a no nonsense approach when it comes to promoting their products. This times around,Wonderbra pull out another  amazing marketing stunt—video after the jump & featuring cautionary tales of public nip-slips. There is no secret that women find it difficult to depend on strapless bra as it's hard for this kind of bra to stay in a place where it should be. Wonderbra claims to have designed the perfect strapless bra.

Accoding to them "nipplegate" can be avoided if the bra is worn. To prove their point, women can test the new bra whilst jumping on trampolines inside their changing rooms.

   Due to the beginning of this video is slightly nsfw (not safe for work), i not going to put this video on my blog although it's not erotic (sorry about this). For those who looking for this video, you can check it out in this site. Proceed at your own risk & don't blame me if you get caught while watching this video at your office. For those who are under 18 years old, go watch your cartoons (ultraman, digimon, simsons) or go to listen to this song 


  1. Got a confession Bananaz under age but went over for a peep..cant resist..hehe tQ.

  2. I am gonna to make police report :P..


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