Monday, June 20, 2011

Super GT International Series Malaysia - 19 June 2011

   I receive a call from my buddy yesterday evening. He ask me whether i would like to join him to watch a Super GT race together in Sepang as his father's friend aeroplane (standing people up) him. Of course i would like to go there as i haven't been Sepang Circuit before. Since i know nothing about car at all, i don't know which car belong to which company, what model is it and what these cars are capable of.  Who cares, i just want to see car races in Sepang :). Hoorayy.....


   We arrive at Sepang International Circuit at 4pm approximately when the race start. The Super GT are really noise and some of these cars produce "pon pon" sound when they passby grand stand. It's kind of weird.  There is a lot of pictures here which i captured using my samsung galaxy 5 (only 2.0 megapixels). Therefore, the pictures i not as good as i hope. Anyway, i hope you guys especially car lover will enjoy these photos



Grand Stand
The race is about to start :)

Itasha car - A car which the bodies of it decorate with anime character. This car is decorate with Hatsune Miku character on it

Evangelion car?

Understeer car

Another Itasha car

The race is over and they lineup according to place

Winners of the race in podium


Damn expensive. I rather buy a car

I can buy a terrace house in KL prime area

Too expensive for me


Lol. MCB car plate

Approved Per-owner Cars. Because of this AP system, import car become damn expensive

Pimp car


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