Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Museum of Yours - Facebook App

    Ever thought of what an exhibition of your life might look like? Well, now you can hold your own exhibition using Intel's 'Museum of Me" Facebook app. The app creates a 'visual archive of your social life'. This apps takes data from your Facebook profile and presents it in a very interesting manner. The soundtrack which produce by Takagi Masakatsu makes the museum of me poetic & elegant. The museum shows which friends you interact with most, photos you've uploaded, words you use on your facebook profile and where your friends are from. It's ends with a photo collage of your friends making up a photo of your.

     Actually,this Facebook app or service is an advertisement for the company's core i5 processors, though doesn't become clear until the very end of the video. Overall, Intel's Museum of Me is worth trying out. It's fun,cool and fulling experience to make your own exhibition in a visual museum and share it with your Facebook friends.

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