Saturday, June 11, 2011

Malaysia become first official democracy country that block file-sharing sites

   When a rumour about Malaysia Government wanted to block file-sharing sites few days ago start flying around in the Facebook and LowYat Forum, I am really worry that our country start to become more like China. China not only block website content but also monitor the Internet access of individuals. It's not wise to censor our internet as it's violate our freedom of speech. Soon or later, our country will follow China Footstep & start block access to social media, website & photo sharing. It's really good  bad to see Malaysia's become a first official democracy country to censor Internet. This is a rather disturbing trend.

   I really lost my trust towards our hypocrite government, when a leaked memo requesting Malaysian ISPs to block file-hosting sites suggests post on LowYat Forum. Malaysian government has been lying to us since they stressed that there would be no censorship of the Internet in the country again and again over the years yet they decided to block file-hosting sites now. I really don't think by blocking file-sharing sites is a good solution to combat piracy. You can't stop piracy even though you block those file-sharing sites. There is a lot of ways to share a movie or music file through other methods such a using Torrent, Mirc and etc. Piracy is a global problem and it's happen to all countries around the globe. 

   Regardless the move to block legitimate and commercial file-sharing and hosting sites does not sit well with the country’s drive towards a knowledge-rich economy. Today marks as Dark Days for Malaysia's Citizens/Netizens because MCMC/ our government violate our freedom of speech. I really piss off now as i want to sing this song to MCMC

Yeah, I am now sailing on boat now to migrate to other countries.


  1. We're not exactly the first. Similar but not the same. And has been blocked by others

  2. We are the first at least in blocking 10 domain of file-sharing sites in one shot le for democracy country :D.

  3. We are the first democracy country to megaupload,depositfiles,megavideo and etc. Malaysia boleh!!

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