Sunday, June 12, 2011

LulzSec strikes again and found out that staff of MCMC watching porn during work

   The famous hacker's group LulzSec who is responsible for breaching and release tons of SONY user account's information on their website strikes again. This times they strike/hack on website and they found out that they are a few of government servant around the world registering on porn site using official government email. Of course, they also found out at that staff (Azmeal) of our friendly Malaysia Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC/SKMM) on the list of accounts which is release on LulzSec website.

    Now, we will be laughing stock of the whole world as our government's servant busy fapping in the office rather than defending our country or doing work in office. Azmeal from MCMC got a lot things to explain to his boss tomorrow. Now i know why MCMC  want to  ban file-sharing sites rather than banning porn sites but as they themselves like to surf porn during office hours.  BTW,  kamarudin from agensi penguatkuasaan maritiam malaysia jabatan perdana menteri also register at the porn sites using government email account. This will give a bad image on government's servant as we as citizens of malaysia will start questioning their productivity. Shame on them!!


Now i wonder how MCMC gonna react and handle this incident? MCMC you better start censor your own office traffic first before going to ban those file-sharing sites.

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