Monday, June 13, 2011

Linkin Park - Iridescent Offical Music Video

    Linkin Park release a official music video of their song, Iridescent in their youtube channel one week ago. This video explores how human existence might be affected by the elements of Transformers robots and the threat of the Decepticons. Iridescent science fiction theme music video  is one of the most unique ,creative video that i ever see. It's fun, exciting and enjoying to watch such a creative video which direct by Joe Hahn. The animation level of this video is very impressive. I personally believe that it's on par with Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children or even better.

    This song is addicting and i have been watching for the video for few times. I have been listening for this song non-stop since yesterday. Kudos to Joe Hahn for creating such a high quality of music video.

Let's check out some of screenshots of this amazing music video.

Bumblebee, one of the main characters in this movie

This scene in this video is like Jesus was having dinner with his disciples instead of Linkin Park having dinner together

Joe Hahn "The God"

Chester Bennington a hybrid of human and robot

Hope you guys will enjoy this music video (download) and this song. Long Live Linkin Park!!


  1. Somehow I think they are not that good anymore. Why? Lack of idea? :(


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