Thursday, June 2, 2011

Epic skill of Chennai Silk's staff with a godspeed hand

   Nidhi Pandita went to the Chennai Silks to buy a sari and she could not resist herself to capture a video at the delivery counter. The staff of Chennai Silk's amazed her with his skill of doing job in fun, cool and entertaining way. It's just like watching RajiniKanth in action. This staff stamp her receipt with a lighting speed and he might break the Guinness world record. I wonder if all their staff able to work as fast as this guy?

   FYI, The Chennai Silks is chain of retail textile shops. Chennai is located on the southeast coast of India in the northeast of Tamil Nadu. The Chennai Silks famous for breaking Guinness world record by selling the most expensive sari. A Silk sari manufactured by Chennai Silks, India, and featuring reproductions of 11 paintings by the celebrated India artist Raja Ravi Varma, took 4,760 work-hours to produce and was sold for a record 3,931,627 rupees ($100,021; £50,679) on 5 January 2008.

The most expensive sari in the world


  1. They are indeed....non-human. *gasp*

  2. haha, very interesting skills of stamping receipts indeed, that's impressive!! and that world's most expensive saree is indeed a masterpiece, very nice i would say.. :)

  3. Tekkaus: A superhero :D

    SK: i wonder how long he work/train before he can stamp this fast :D

  4. Very impressive. Super speed and flawless swinging of goods into plastic bag got style eh!..Great work.

  5. Act cool while doing his work. Impressive :D


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