Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Anna Graceman finally make an apperance at America's Got Talent

    When anna graceman make an announcement that she will participate on latest season America's Got Talent (season 6), i am very excited and happy for her. I keep a close eye on this show for weeks since she announce in her facebook on 1th of June because i wanted to sing her sing live on this show. Finally she make an appearance on the sixth episode of America's Got Talents Season 6 last week, she able to perform Alicia Keys' hit If I Ain't Got You flawlessly and her talents to the whole world.

    Remember when i talk about her how good she is in singing in this post? With her abilities in sing-songwriter and her awesome voice, she easily won over the judges and the audiences in the show. Everybody  I honestly believe that she will easily make in the Final this season easily. Let's check out on this video

    What do think about her? Is it better than Justin Bieber? What i like about her other than her talents in music is her personality. She is a very humble and well-behaved chilidren unlike some spoiled brat who like a jerk such as Justin Bieber. It's very rare to see such a personality nowadays in any music artists. They should learn to be as humble as her. 

    I wish her good luck and wish you that will win in this competiton. I just wanted to tell her that there is a fan of yours in Malaysia here will support you :). All the best Anna Graceman! Let's vote for her folks :D .

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