Saturday, June 18, 2011

4 must ask questions when najib appear on One FM

   According to One FM radio station and my reliable own source of information, our "beloved" Prime Minister will be scheduled to appear on Morning programme on June 23 from 7:30am to 8:30am. What will Najib do during this one hour appearance in One FM radio station is still a mystery. If there is a Q & A session with DJs or with the audience, please take this opportunity to help me to ask these questions. I am sure there is a lot of people like me, curious to find out an answer for these unanswered questions.

My Questions
1)Since you ask us to change our lifestyles, what were you going to do reduce government debt and spending?

2)Who is the real prime minister of Malaysia? You or Rosmah?

3)How much pocket money do you give to Rosmah? How she can afford buy 3 limited edition birkin handbag worth more than RM400,000 for each of it?  

4)What do we get if we vote for in the next General Election?

Question 1
Answer: Najib will continue to spend our taxpayer's money like his own money. He will spend a lot of money to build new facebook page, organize activities that attracts youth and build megastructures. Not only that, he also only using our taxpayer's money for his daughter marriage. He is not showing any sign of slowing down his spending spree even though our country have high amount of debt (billions).

Change your spending habit first before we change our lifestyle

Question 2
Answer: Apparently there is a rumour flying around that Najib is just a Rosmah's puppet. Rosmah is the real prime minister in this country as she's the one who pull a string behind a curtain most of times. For example, she seemed to take charge of the evacuation of the Malaysian students in Egypt during the recent uprising in the country. She is the real boss of our country, don't you forget about it.

She is the one can decide everything on behalf of her husband, Najib (our prime minister)

Question 3
Answer: I personally think that Rosmah taking control of her family financial rather than najib given pocket money to her. It's more like Rosmah giving money to him instead.

Currently, Rosmah have at least 3 Birkin handbag with her now. I make me wonder how much money they earn from being a prime minister of Malaysia and first lady of Malaysia. How can she afford it? Rather than being a good role model to the citizen, she choose to be a bad role model by unwisely spending her money by buying expensive, limited edition handbag. They ask us to change our lifestyle, however they themselves as a leader didn't want to change their luxury lifestyle. How you gonna expect us to change when our leaders don't want to change their lifestyle first.  Hypocrite

Birkin Handbag

Wow, Birkin Handbag

Second handbag

Third handbag. Don't tell me that you get this handbag in Petaling Street

Question 4
Answer: As you know, we will get some gift or object, that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services when you vote for ruling party during election. What we get in exchange of that gift? We will suffer for at least 5 years under their ruling for that gift. We need to face with increase price of petrol, food and electricity every year without fail. Price hike for food and petrol is really ridiculous high (in term of percent) compare to other countries in the world. What's worst is that our salary didn't increase at all.That's what we get when we vote for them. It's time to change for government for better future.

So, ladies and gentleman don't let go this golden opportunity to grill troll him alive by asking him these kind of questions. Hope Najib will enjoy his session with One FM. I am looking forward for it 

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