Sunday, May 8, 2011

Worst School Bully video that i ever see in my life. Video of a student bullying a helpless classmates.

    A high school girl forcefully cut her classmates hair despite the victim crying out loud mercy and beg her not to do so. When the victim resists, she trying to murder her by strangled her using victim's neck tie. Worst of all, no one in the class trying to stop her or trying to help the victim. If the victim can't take this shame, she might end up going to suicide just like Alvis Kong.

   Honestly, i can't bear to watch the whole video. It's heartbreaking to see this video. I wonder how that sadist school bully still can laugh while cutting her victim's hair by force throughout the video. I don't understand why she enjoy see people in shame and in pain. This outrageous bully will left ‘a scar on victim’ for many years to come and will lead to depression.

   Someone claim both of the school bully and the victim are studying at SMK Raja Abdullah. If it is true, someone please report it to the teachers and police. Don't let those school bully escape from their crime.

The news of school bully publish on front page of China Press (Malaysia's Chinese Language Newspaper)

   This is the worst school bully that i ever witness in my life. I really angry with the school bully. If i was there when this bully happen, i will slap some sense on that school bully. I really hope the victim will be alright now. I hope she didn't suffer any depression from this bully.

P/S: In case the video have been removed from dailymotion, you can download the video here


  1. i really hate watching this also, and why do they feel so proud of that, somemore recording the whole action and posted them online?? i think it's really a moral issue here, how could that have happened in school??

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  3. I hope the student who tortured this poor girl should be sent into prison! Damn it!

  4. while it is important to spread the news of anti-bullying, showing and spreading the video will harm the victim more. I plea for you to remove the video as well as the download link.

  5. SK: school is not as safe as we think. These brats are too spoil already. They don't what's right and what's wrong

    Tekkaus: They should be banish from school and sent them into prison

    WY Kam: Spreading the video will not harm the victim. As more people know this ugly truth, the more people realize those brats who bully is wrong. Until justice is serve, i want to let people know from start to end how this incident happen and find the cause of it. And then we can work together to prevent it to happen in the future. Even if i remove it, there still a lot of people posting it up, in facebook (sharing is much more easier, you just need to click share). In youtube as well.


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