Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Taiwan girl's video of makeup for break up rise to fame in East Asia

   A nature beauty of a female Taiwan student college rise to fame when she post a video of her tutorial makeup on YouTube. The title of her video is makeup for break up. Before she record this video of this makeup, she has a big quarrel with her boyfriend. Hence she feel very sad and down. With a teary eye, she continue to do makeup for entire video. However, the tears continue to fall down from her innocent big eyes of her.

Her name is Chen Pei Pei, 25 years old student college in taiwan

    She wipes off her tears and continue her makeup and it touches the hearts of million people (especially guy) from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Viewers from Taiwan and China are angry with her boyfriend who hurt this gorgeous beauty's fragile heart. On 0:33 of this video, she put a message into video as reminder for herself that "When my tears dry out, we can start  to start our relationship over again."

   Even though she is sad and feeling down, she didn't blame at anyone who's fault is it. Instead, she stand up immediately after she falling down by cheering herself with positive words and thinking. She keep remind herself that no matter how sad she is, she must learn to cheer herself, cheer herself up by make yourself look better (appearance).

   That's is something we should learn from her. When a sad event or unfortunate event occurred, we should cheer ourselves up by doing activities that make us happy. If we do so, it's keep our mind occupied and eventually we will forget all our unhappiness and sadness. Then, we can stand up by our own feet and can keep moving on. Remember sad thing that happen to us for too long will make us feel depress and start to think in negative way. There is always Bright Sunshine After The Rain,right?

   Although she didn't makeup at the early of the video, she still look pretty. Don't you agree?


  1. that is very positive of her and i guess not many girls will be able to act like her after getting hurt in love.. bravo to her, and being a hit on youtube, guess she now has lots of admirers courting her already, hehe.. :)

  2. God closed one lousy door for her and I am sure He has opened up more better ones for her. :D

  3. SK:Ya most of girl will be crying the whole day or complain to her bbf. A lot of admirers lining up to be her boyfriend :P.

    Tekkaus: hahaha. Ya better one for her :P

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