Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Real Photo of The Blue Dragon

    A photographer named Steve Richards able to capture a real picture of a blue dragon during his flight from Cardiff to Faro. This photo is really phenomenal till a lot of people doubt whether this photo is real or not. Since he posting this photo, he amazed and highly flattered that it has proved so popular. A lot of  ‘blog’ sites with people commenting left, right and centre on it and a recurring theme seems to be that some people believe it to be either a computer generated image or a piece of digital art from some computer game.

   Even some of them think this it was an artificially coloured satellite image. Whether is a real photo or not, it's up to your own judgement.

   Jokes aside, it is just a photograph, of a real place, that Steve Richards took :P. A photo of a river in Portugal which it is resemble a shape of dragon. A very beautiful river indeed. If i have been given a chance to travel, i would to go to this beautiful country.


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