Saturday, May 7, 2011

I have been suffering from heel pain for months.

    Today i went to Pantai Cheras Medical Centre to do a medical checkup on my right ankle as I can't bear with the pain anymore. For the last 3 months, I have been in pain while walking & the pain is getting worse day by day. I don't have a choice at all as i need to see a specialist in the Hospital to find out what cause a pain on my heel. It is better to consult an orthopedic now rather than later as i don't want to end up using crutches to walk in the future.

Heel Pain. Every step that i take is hurt. It's troublesome
   After having a breakfast in early morning, i drive to Pantai Cheras Medical Centre which 3 kilometers from my house.  I arrive at there around 8:50am and the orthopedic clinic haven't open yet. It's open on 9:05am. I am the only patience in the clinic when it open. So i am the first one to see the doctor :). Luckily i don't need to have surgery or injection like my last visit to this orthopedic clinic. Actually, I am quite relieved when the doctor tell me i don't need to have surgery. 2 years ago, i undergo a surgery because my left knee fractured (a bit) and the doctor have to remove fractured bone from my left. I take me for 6 months after the surgery before i finally recover and walk normally.

   It's turn out that i have an inflammation on my ankle tendon this time. Yes, i have been diagnosed with Tendonitis or also known as Achilles tendinitis. It's what cause a pain in my right heel when i am walking. I have been given Prednisolone & Proflavanol (vitamin supplements) medicine which i need to take twice per daily. Doctor doesn't want to inject steroids into my tendon although it will reduce pain dramatically but side effect of it will cause my tendon snap.

My medicine. Total cost of my medicine is about RM150.

   For now, I need to do RICE first aid on my right ankle every day.  There are four step in RICE first aid methods which are Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Doctor also suggest to me to put heel lifts my right shoe so that i will be comfortable when walking. I hope i will recover from this suffering/illness soon as it's troublesome for me to walk with a pain.  I want to play basketball once again after i recover from Tendonitis :).


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