Sunday, May 1, 2011

How to make a party (patapon) eyeglasses with a card board

    Last week Friday, my company hold anniversary party and it's requires for every one of the employee to wear a fancy eyeglasses to attend that event. We have to wear a fancy eyeglasses to geek-theme party or else we can't enter the party. As a real gamer geek myself, i decide to make a eyeglasses based on a PSP games, Patapon. Let me show the final product of my work here and how to make a fancy party eyeglasses using only cardboard/manila card.

   I learn how to make a party eyeglasses from watching the video below and start to look for materials in bookstore. I didn't draw on paper before drawing in cardboard. I just draw my design of patapon eyeglasses in cardboard only.

    Instead of buying party eyeglasses, i decide to take my own time to make one instead. It's cheaper making a party eyeglasses using manila card.It's just cost me RM0.70($0.24 U.S dollars) to buy a manila cardboard. Beside that i can save my money, i also can customize my eyeglasses in the way that i. Buying a expensive and ugly eyeglasses from a shop cost me around RM8.00 (it's about $2.70 US dollars). It's too expensive and it's waste of money. By making a eyeglasses on my own, i can save RM7.30 ($2.45 US dollars). Not only that, i can make two of eyeglasses with a single cardboard which means one eyeglasses just cost me RM0.35 (0.12 U.S dollars).
Expensive and ugly glasses. Not my cup of taste :P

Ok, let me start to teach you guys step-by-step on how to a make your own customize glasses.If you follow my instruction properly, you shouldn't have any problem of making your own glasses.

Step 1
Using your own glasses and make an outline of a glasses on cardboard

Step 2
Draw a circle or octagonal in the center of sketch. It's your own preference whether you want to make a small or big opening on the sketch of glasses. I make it bigger than the video so that it won't block my vision

Step 3
Draw sketch of your design around cardboard glasses. In my case, i just draw a patapon and a sword on it.

Step 4
Decorate it however you like. I just use a black marker pen to color my eyeglasses.

Step 5
Carefully cut it out using scissor or small cutter knife.

Ta dah! My Patapon eyeglasses is complete

    How is it look like to you? Is it nice? If you guys have a talent in drawing, you can easily make your own glasses that can impress anyone in the party. :D.

    I don't know i working in same company with a famous blogger that i use to follow in the past until she got to the stage and take an award. She is an author for fourfeetnine blog, Miss Audrey. I use to read her blog in the past when that time she going to Japan to study.

She won most likely to be mistaken as a loli teenager.
   Hope you guys can make an awesome eyeglasses to wear in a party. If you having trouble while making eyeglasses, please leave a comment here. I hope i can help you.

Notes:  Patapon (パタポン?) is a video game published for the PlayStation Portable handheld game console combining gameplay features of rhythm games and God games. The game is presented in a cartoonish, silhouetted two-dimensional environment designed by Rolito, and features the player acting as a deity who commands an army of caricatured miniature tribal creatures by beating traditional talking drums. The game was developed by Pyramid and produced by Japan Studios.


  1. Wow...this is interesting. Maybe I should make one for myself too. :p

  2. make for your baby jordan :D. You can draw very well and i am sure you can make a better one than me.

  3. lol.. nice.. i wanna make one too :P

  4. fuyoh!!! that is very impressive indeed, very nice party glasses!! at first i thot you're amateur so didn't have any expectation, but the result proved that i'm wrong, geez.. hey, i guess you also can make brilliant looking masks too right?? cool~~

  5. This is my first time to make it btw. I able to make a decent one because i believe in myself. Need to brainwash yourself to have positive thinkin.Although i am not good in arts, i still able to make a nice one (always on the verge of failing art test in high school):P .

    I'm believe that you can make a brilliant mask for yourself too.
    Believe in yourself, make a good plan and execute it properly. Good luck [SK]

  6. Thanks for the idea dear. I am really glad to find this blog, now I guess can make party eyeglasses for me and my sister. I was hoping if you can send me link for best eyeglasses co. in New York.


  7. thank you. I am glad that you like my post. I not sure which is the best eyeglasses co. in New York as i living in KL.

  8. Cool! I love Patapon! And that is so easy to do! Maybe I should host a party with these as a requirement. Or I can just give it to my niece as a birthday gift.

    Bruno Hill

  9. I never thought that someone would do a glasses based on Patapon. But I have to hand it to you, they really do look nice.


    LOL, that would be cool.

    Sam Times

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