Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hondi Service Center TV commercials - Honda's new TV ads.

    It's a very funny,entertaining Honda's TV advertisement featuring local (Malaysian) stand-up comedy Douglas Lim. This video is able to capture my attention with it's hilarious song and i enjoy although i am not their customer. The ads target is Honda's car owner who want to service their car. This ads advise them not to send their car to service in an unauthorized shop such as Hondi Service Center. This kind of workshop will overcharge you, replace your original part with a fake one and maybe end up ruining your dream car.

Hope you guys enjoy this video


  1. Hahaha very original..hey thought I saw that 'fatso' in the 'old town' advert hehe. tQ

  2. old town advert? I going to search for it on youtube..


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