Sunday, May 29, 2011

Highlights of The Final Match Uefa Champions League 2011 - Barcelona vs Manchester United

     Finally, Barcelona able to deny Manchester United's glory with a phenomenal performance at Wembley for the second time in three years. Now, Barcelona has officially won UEFA Champion League Title with 3-1 score at Wembley Stadium. Barcelona dominated Manchester United in the Champions League final with stylistically, technically and tactically of football. United was defeated physically, outwitted and outplayed by Barcelona's peerless passing,clinical finishing and Lionel Messi. For those who missed out on watching these two giants football team in action, you can check out the video of highlight and goals in my blog.

    I really don't like especially Manchester United fans bragging and showing off when their favourite team won the Premier League Title. Not only that, they bashing and harassed my favourite team as well. They don't have sportsmanship at all and act like hooligans. Now they know how i am feel when they are watching their favourite team was undress badly by Barcelona. I hope this will teach United Fans a lesson, and don't act like jerk by being ignorant, arrogant. Be humble, my friends. Good job Barcelona for owning Manchester United in Final Match of UEFA Champions League 2011.

Let me share with you guys some of my favourite quotes from fans of football:

1)"Nemanja Vidic had failed to step out on him (Messi) and was protecting only his privates, rather than the goal"  - Leander Schaerlaeckens of Espn

2)"He is a man in form but he struggled at Wembley and was shifted out to the wing when United's central midfield was overrun and was then skinned by Dani Alves. But his worst moment came when he stopped to appeal for a penalty when he still had possession of the ball in the Barcelona area." - ESPN

3) "Messi is not from this planet" - YCCA9K.

4)"Barcelona completely out performed Man U, in skills and inteligence" - damuck561

5) "That's what you get when van der sar leaves" - acceptance65

6)"Good goals from barca but what was up with Man U's defense? They just stood around ball-watching on 2 of the goals!" - lq91


  1. Haih....haih.....haih...haih....haih..... :(

  2. i used to it already since chelsea crash out early at CL and PL.Only times can cure your pain.

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