Monday, May 9, 2011

Celebrating Mother Day at Lavazza Cafe @ Viva Home

Happy Mother Day!!BTW, who is she? A Celebrity?
    Yesterday night, my father and I decide to treat my mother dinner in The Garden at Viva Home. However, it's full and we have to wait for at least 30 minutes before being seated. Instead of wasting time to wait for our turn to be seated, i suggest to my mom that we should looking for another cafe to have dinner. While we searching around for cafe, we came across this Lavazza Cafe.

Lavazza Cafe

   The food and drinks in their food menu which they put in front of their main door look kinda of delicious. The way they display their food (presentation) in the picture is awesome. Their food look like those food who cook by a chef from Top Chef tv show. That's is why we decide to have a dinner here as their food is visually attracting & look tasty to eat. yum yum!

A lot of people looking at their menu. That's why it is important to put a menu in front of your shop.
   Lavazza cafe's interior design is one of the best among food & beverages shop in Viva Home Mall.
I really like this cafe's modern feel of their interior design which show the creativity of a genius who design it. The atmosphere in this cafe is perfect for everyone to have enjoyable dining experience. I can't resist to take some photos of their cafe using my handphone camera (which is 2.0 megapixels only).

A royal seat,a beautiful chandelier and lot of cake display.

Do you mind if i take one of your chandelier back to my home? :P

There is a lot of cake

Fancy chair and beautiful wallpaper in the background :)

A beautiful food menu

    As i wanted to have a rice as a dinner, i decide to order Cajun chicken baked rice. It's taste great especially the marinated black pepper chicken. The chicken chop is perfectly cook hence this chicken meat's is tender. With a such delicious chicken mix with a baked cheese rice, i can say this dish is a perfect combination of chicken and rice. I highly recommend this Cajun Chicken Baked Rice to you guys if you happen to come this cafe.

Let me put it into your mouth. Open you mouth , please.

As a tea lover, i decide to order Jasmine Tea as a drink.
    Overall, my family are quite satisfy to have a dinner in Lavazza Cafe. It's a great experience and i definitely wanted to come back again in the future. However, there is a room of improvement in term of customer service. Their customer service is not as good as i expected. Given that there is a lot of young waiter and waitress, they will need time to gel together as a team to provide an exceptional services for their customers. I really hope that their customer service will improve when i come to this cafe next time.

FYI, there is a bar at Lavazza cafe
You can hang out with your friend watching football here :)

LG Floor
No.85, Jalan Loke Yew,
55200 Kuala Lumpur.


  1. that is a very nice restaurant, i like the entrance with that victorian sofa, chandelier and display.. and the black and white checkers floor is very uniquely stylish.. the bar too is nice.. Viva Mall, a new shopping mall??

  2. Viva Mall is a new shopping mall. Previously it is known as UE3. Give it a try if happen to be nearby this area.

    You can check out this map. You will know exact location :),101.719816&spn=0.005024,0.010568&z=17

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