Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Anna Graceman - So Complicated Music Video

    This song (So Complicated) is sing by a very young and talented 11 years old singer-songwriters. She is phenomenal, her voice is what strikes me most. The soul that fills the room when this child opens her mouth is incredible. She is definitely much more better than Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black in terms of talents in singing talents. If both of those overrated singer can become famous through Youtube, i believe that there is no doubt Anna Graceman will be able to do so too. Unlike any 11 years old kids, she able to write her own song and amazed many people with her deep lyrics .


   Crystal Chandelier? Mansion's dread? in her lyrics of her song. I really doubt that any kid as young as her know what these words are at all. She has freaking wide range of vocabulary for a very beautiful young lady.

    I really like her vocal very much because in this video she able to display or show her ability to sing with a wide range of vocal. Her vocal range, timbre, strength and character of tone are firm  & good unlike those overrated young singer such as Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and etc. Not only that, she able to play few musical instrument such as piano and acoustic guitar. Each instrument seems natural to her. She kind of remind me of Yui when Yui at the early stage of her career before become worldwide famous :).

     I hope in the future, she will continue to produce a lot more of amazing song without losing her touch and passion in music. Someday, somehow, Anna Graceman will be famous singer-songwriters worldwide if she didn't give up and keep on singing till everyone recognized her talents. I can only imagine how far she will go in the music industry- if this is her now, imagine her in a few years, let alone the next ten years!

   For those want to find out more about her, you can check out her website, twitter and youtube account


Crystal chandelier hangin' over my head, the sweet echo sound of the mansions dread,
I don't know whether to go back or to stay.
What Do I Do?
No turnin' back should I run away? Everyone thinks I'm insane, goin' back would be wrong anyway.
What do I doooooooo?

Why is it so complicated? You and I outdated
Colors faded Leave me standin' here irritated
Now we're far apart separated. complicated
Why is it so complicated?

I'm so ashamed right now my head is pointing down
hear those voice in my head right now there arguin' there arguin'
Now I'm standin' in an empty room wonderin' what to do
Hear the echo of my cry should I say good-bye good-bye

Why is it so complicated? You and I outdated
Colors faded
Leave me standin' here irritated
Now we're far apart separated complicated
Why is it so complicated?

I'm at a fork in the road somebody point which way to go what I choose today makes my forever... What do I do?


  1. So young and yet she is so damn good. :D

  2. That's why i really like her song :D. Hopefully she will continue to produce a good music :). She will be the next superstar bigger than bieber :P


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