Monday, May 30, 2011

Bullet spin like a top on Ice

   When someone post of video of a spinning bullet on YouTube, most of viewers doesn't believe this is a real. A guy in the video fires .40 caliber bullet on a frozen lake and they found out that their bullet spinning like a top on Ice. Most of them think this viral video is fake until Mythbusters prove that this is real and not a fake video.In the latest episode of Mythbusters, the build team show us that with a right condition, right shooting angle & right type of bullet, you can get a spinning bullet in row.

How is it works? When a bullet is fired, it has forward momentum and rotational momentum. A bullet that impact on ice will cause that bullet to lose most if not all of it's forward momentum without losing much of it's rotational momentum (given that if you shot at right angle). After the bullet lands, i will continues to spin for several seconds until lose it's all rotational momentum.

It's real bullet spinning like a top on ice surface

   Although, it's awesome to see a bullet dancing ballet on ice, please don't attempt to do this at anywhere as you might get hurt or kill by a bullet. If you want to see how Mythbusters to prove this myth is real, you can download the video here.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Highlights of The Final Match Uefa Champions League 2011 - Barcelona vs Manchester United

     Finally, Barcelona able to deny Manchester United's glory with a phenomenal performance at Wembley for the second time in three years. Now, Barcelona has officially won UEFA Champion League Title with 3-1 score at Wembley Stadium. Barcelona dominated Manchester United in the Champions League final with stylistically, technically and tactically of football. United was defeated physically, outwitted and outplayed by Barcelona's peerless passing,clinical finishing and Lionel Messi. For those who missed out on watching these two giants football team in action, you can check out the video of highlight and goals in my blog.

    I really don't like especially Manchester United fans bragging and showing off when their favourite team won the Premier League Title. Not only that, they bashing and harassed my favourite team as well. They don't have sportsmanship at all and act like hooligans. Now they know how i am feel when they are watching their favourite team was undress badly by Barcelona. I hope this will teach United Fans a lesson, and don't act like jerk by being ignorant, arrogant. Be humble, my friends. Good job Barcelona for owning Manchester United in Final Match of UEFA Champions League 2011.

Let me share with you guys some of my favourite quotes from fans of football:

1)"Nemanja Vidic had failed to step out on him (Messi) and was protecting only his privates, rather than the goal"  - Leander Schaerlaeckens of Espn

2)"He is a man in form but he struggled at Wembley and was shifted out to the wing when United's central midfield was overrun and was then skinned by Dani Alves. But his worst moment came when he stopped to appeal for a penalty when he still had possession of the ball in the Barcelona area." - ESPN

3) "Messi is not from this planet" - YCCA9K.

4)"Barcelona completely out performed Man U, in skills and inteligence" - damuck561

5) "That's what you get when van der sar leaves" - acceptance65

6)"Good goals from barca but what was up with Man U's defense? They just stood around ball-watching on 2 of the goals!" - lq91

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Square Enix unveils 20 minutes gameplay of Final Fantasy Type-0

   Few days ago, Square Enix releases a highly anticipated 20 minutes of gamesplay of PSP games, Final Fantasy Type-0 during the Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy tournament held over the weekend in Japan. In this video, Hajime Tabata showed us some of few features in the Final Fantasy Type-0 game such fundamental flow of Type-Zero, boss battle, unique multiplayer system, multiplayer mission for the optional challenge.  Unlike FF13, there will be a town, wide open world map and dungeon for player to explore. Not only that, there are some notable famous voice actor for the characters of Final Fantasy Type-0.

Final Fantasy Type-0 gameplay part 1

Final Fantasy Type-0 gameplay Part 2

     During the early part of video gameplay 1, the narrator of story is Makina who is voiced by famous voice actor Hiroshi Kamiya (notable roles as Koyomi Araragi in Bakemonogatari , Izaya Orihara in Durarara!!, Yuuta Takemoto in Honey & Clover, Tierie Erda in Gundam 00, Takashi Natsume in Natsume Yuujinchou). While Nine, the guy who wields a spear is voiced by Daisuke Ono and Queen, the dark haired girl with glasses is voiced by Ami Koshimizu (notable roles as Kallen Stadfield in Code Geass, Tenma Tsukamoto in School Rumble and Holo in Spice & Wolf).

   What interesting is as the story progresses, we will have a scheduled operation. Mission that will send us different place or capture targets. We can also freely explore in huge world map by walking to destination or using other means of transportation such as airplane. In battle system, we can actually switch between our characters which means we have variety of magicks and playstyles at our disposal to use in battle against different enemies. Not only that, we can deal instant death blow and double damage when  there are red or yellow markers on opponent.

   Honestly, i can't wait for this games to release as i don't have any interesting games to play. I really hope that this games will be one of the best FF series in PSP. Hope Square Enix won't let us down and learn from their lessons. I don't want to see this games end up just like FF 13 and FF 14 (online). I looking forward for this games in the future :).

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hondi Service Center TV commercials - Honda's new TV ads.

    It's a very funny,entertaining Honda's TV advertisement featuring local (Malaysian) stand-up comedy Douglas Lim. This video is able to capture my attention with it's hilarious song and i enjoy although i am not their customer. The ads target is Honda's car owner who want to service their car. This ads advise them not to send their car to service in an unauthorized shop such as Hondi Service Center. This kind of workshop will overcharge you, replace your original part with a fake one and maybe end up ruining your dream car.

Hope you guys enjoy this video

Monday, May 23, 2011

5 Reason why you shouldn't buy a new car?

    We shouldn't buy a new car at the beginning of career especially living in this country . Most of young adults as soon as they land that first steady job, they become slaves to the car payments. What make things worse are a unfair AP policy which impose on import car's buying, the price of import are usually triple of the price of buying of same car in other country. It's way too overprice and not worthy to buy new import car or new national car. Both of it is damn overprices & don't fall into familiar trap of buying an expensive car.

    The wise and wealthy know that you should never buy a new car.  In fact the wealthy know how to get a bargain and also look for value. They let someone else take the depreciation on the new vehicle. The Millionaire Next Door also documents the fact that most millionaires drive older or used automobiles. However, don't get the impression that these millionaires drive crappy cars such as 30 years old BMW car.

Warren Buffett use Signature Series Lincoln Town Car instead of Ferrari (till 2006)

There are 5 reason why one shouldn't buy a new car.

  1. Depreciation

    Definition of depreciation is "A reduction in the value of an asset with the passage of time, due in particular to wear and tear". As soon as you drive your new vehicle off the lot, the vehicle loses its value. Vehicles depreciate rapidly during the first few years.  The average new car loses 12.2% of its value in the first year, according to; on a $20,000 car, that’s $2,440, or more than $200 a month. Some cars depreciate even faster, depending on demand, incentives offered and other factors. Why we should take an automatic loss when we don't have to and why not let someone else take that hit instant? Not only will you be able to save money (or buy more car), but you’ll pay less for insurance.

        For example, a brand new Perodua Kancil retail price is about RM29000 ($9628). When i brought a used 10 years old Perodua Kancil two years ago, it's only cost me around RM10800  ($ 3585). Perodua Kancil lose 63% of it's value in just 10 years of time frame. You lost approximately RM18200 in just 10 years if you buy a brand new Kancil car. Although my car  is already 12 years old, it's still doing a great job. As long as i take good care of it, the maintenance cost will be as minimal as a brand new Kancil

  2. Higher Insurance Premiums

       When you take out a loan to buy a new vehicle, your lender(bank) will require you to carry full coverage. Of course, if you're driving around RM50,000 vehicle you should have full coverage anyway. Insurance is much more expensive on newer vehicles. Obviously it will cost more to replace a new more expensive vehicle than less expensive older model.

  3. Opportunity Cost

        When you spend your money on one thing, you can't buy something else with it. This is what economists call opportunity cost. Another different definition is "The difference in return between a chosen investment and one that is necessarily passed up." Say you invest in a stock and it returns a paltry 2% over the year. In placing your money in the stock, you gave up the opportunity of another investment - say, a risk-free government bond such Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020 yielding 6%. In this situation, your opportunity costs are 4% (6% - 2%).

        If you're rolling around in a RM50,000 vehicle, that's RM50,000 you could have invested in  a risk-free government bond. I know I'd rather make a small 6% return than negative return (as the value car depreciation).However, most people aren't even doing that. They're going backwards because they owe money and have to make a car payment.

  4. Car Payments

       Who in their right mind wants a car payment?  There is no reason why an adult with decent income and even a modest education would choose to make a car payment.  If you can't pay cash, you can't afford to drive it. I've never had a car payment and I never will.  I pay cash for my vehicle.  It's amazing how much money you can save and invest when you don't have a car (or mortgage) payment to make every month.

       For example : A friend of mine brought a brand new Proton Saga Special Edition last year. A brand new Proton Saga Special Edition will cost you around RM45,500. He have to pay RM600 for car payment installment every month for 3 years which is not including interest rate. Let's assume that interest rates for 3 years payment installment is 3%. Total interest that he have to pay in 3 years time is RM2730. Total car payment for a brand new Proton Saga SE is RM48230 (RM45500 + RM2730). I can buy a brand new laptop for the interest that my friend have to pay to his lender.

  5. Approved Permit Policy

        Unless you are ridiculous rich, you should never buy a imported car in Malaysia.    
  6. Malaysian Government ripping off citizen of Malaysia for the last 30 yrs with AP policy designed to benefit a few well-connected native and the politician of Ruling Party. They have robbed millions of citizens in this fiasco, under the pretext of protecting our local industry. For example, in the United States of America, a 2009 model BMW 535i Sedan is selling for about USB50,367.00. This is only RM178,0000 here in Malaysia. The same BMW sell in Malaysia for about RM450,000 which three times higher than the prices in the US. We are a developing nation. Our land and labour are much cheaper and why our cars so expensive. It doesn't make any sense at all. We are paying ridiculous high prices to support an out of date, out of touch with reality motor car policy.

          Unless you are very rich person, you shouldn't buy a new car at all. Car is an asset that will lose it's value over a period times due to wear and tear. Is it cool to own a brand new car just to impress your family, friends and colleagues. How much price that you need to pay for your cool? Are you willing to become a slave of your own car payment? What is the purpose of owning a car? To impress people with your brand new car or you just need to have a car  to go anyway? Think again, when you want to buy a car.

      Sunday, May 22, 2011

      Landslide-hit orphanage at Hulu Langat (Pictures and Video)

          I felt extremely disheartening when i know there is a landslide hit on orphanage in Hulu Langat, Selangor on 21/May/2011. There are 49 people in that orphanage when that incident took place. 16 of victims (15 orphan and 1 adult)  have been killed in yesterday landslide. Although 21 of May 2011 not a doomsday for humanity, but it's a doomsday for all the victims. I offer my condolence to landslide victims in Hulu Langat. May your soul rest in peace.

      Friday, May 20, 2011

      Difference between men & women in reacting to a question

          Imagine that you are a tennis player who is playing for final match of a prestigious competition. Suddenly, in middle of a game, a fan of yours ask you an awkward question such as these one. "Will you marry me, Mr/Mrs xxxx?". How are you gonna react and answer to these question? In this video, it's show that different gender of tennis player will have their own way to react & answer to this question. In just 5 days, this video has generated more than 400,000 of view. Let's check this hilarious video out.


         It's hilarious. I really like Steffi sense of humour and the answer that she gave to that guy. Lol. Hope you enjoy this video. Have good weekend, folks :)

      Wednesday, May 18, 2011

      Real Photo of The Blue Dragon

          A photographer named Steve Richards able to capture a real picture of a blue dragon during his flight from Cardiff to Faro. This photo is really phenomenal till a lot of people doubt whether this photo is real or not. Since he posting this photo, he amazed and highly flattered that it has proved so popular. A lot of  ‘blog’ sites with people commenting left, right and centre on it and a recurring theme seems to be that some people believe it to be either a computer generated image or a piece of digital art from some computer game.

         Even some of them think this it was an artificially coloured satellite image. Whether is a real photo or not, it's up to your own judgement.

         Jokes aside, it is just a photograph, of a real place, that Steve Richards took :P. A photo of a river in Portugal which it is resemble a shape of dragon. A very beautiful river indeed. If i have been given a chance to travel, i would to go to this beautiful country.

      Tuesday, May 17, 2011

      Anna Graceman - So Complicated Music Video

          This song (So Complicated) is sing by a very young and talented 11 years old singer-songwriters. She is phenomenal, her voice is what strikes me most. The soul that fills the room when this child opens her mouth is incredible. She is definitely much more better than Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black in terms of talents in singing talents. If both of those overrated singer can become famous through Youtube, i believe that there is no doubt Anna Graceman will be able to do so too. Unlike any 11 years old kids, she able to write her own song and amazed many people with her deep lyrics .


         Crystal Chandelier? Mansion's dread? in her lyrics of her song. I really doubt that any kid as young as her know what these words are at all. She has freaking wide range of vocabulary for a very beautiful young lady.

          I really like her vocal very much because in this video she able to display or show her ability to sing with a wide range of vocal. Her vocal range, timbre, strength and character of tone are firm  & good unlike those overrated young singer such as Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and etc. Not only that, she able to play few musical instrument such as piano and acoustic guitar. Each instrument seems natural to her. She kind of remind me of Yui when Yui at the early stage of her career before become worldwide famous :).

           I hope in the future, she will continue to produce a lot more of amazing song without losing her touch and passion in music. Someday, somehow, Anna Graceman will be famous singer-songwriters worldwide if she didn't give up and keep on singing till everyone recognized her talents. I can only imagine how far she will go in the music industry- if this is her now, imagine her in a few years, let alone the next ten years!

         For those want to find out more about her, you can check out her website, twitter and youtube account


      Crystal chandelier hangin' over my head, the sweet echo sound of the mansions dread,
      I don't know whether to go back or to stay.
      What Do I Do?
      No turnin' back should I run away? Everyone thinks I'm insane, goin' back would be wrong anyway.
      What do I doooooooo?

      Why is it so complicated? You and I outdated
      Colors faded Leave me standin' here irritated
      Now we're far apart separated. complicated
      Why is it so complicated?

      I'm so ashamed right now my head is pointing down
      hear those voice in my head right now there arguin' there arguin'
      Now I'm standin' in an empty room wonderin' what to do
      Hear the echo of my cry should I say good-bye good-bye

      Why is it so complicated? You and I outdated
      Colors faded
      Leave me standin' here irritated
      Now we're far apart separated complicated
      Why is it so complicated?

      I'm at a fork in the road somebody point which way to go what I choose today makes my forever... What do I do?

      Sunday, May 15, 2011

      Financial traits of Gen X and Gen Y

          If we compare these two generations, generation x are more wise on spending with their money and a saver as well.They know how to manage their financial efficiently and saving for their money in retirement.They learn from mistakes that their parents (baby boomers) made and didn't want to end up facing a retirement crisis in later life.

      Yet despite the hardships faced by their parents and grandparents — including delayed retirement, investment losses, and quality of life adjustments the majority of Generation Y members have not begun to think about retirement. What make things worse are generation Y are big spender. They spend most of their money to satisfy the urge for instant gratification. With a lot debt such as car loans, student loans and credit card loan to need pay every month, they have left with little money to save for retirement.

      I would love to retire like this oldman in the future.

      Generation X

         According to news reports, large numbers of late thirty and forty are migrating back to their parents' houses where they get a free roof over their heads and free use of the TVs,Internet,gym equipment and so forth. This trend is supposed to indicated that has produced a new generation of freeloaders, who lack the gumption to go out into the world and make it on their own. The so-called lost generation or Generation X, have been quietly stashing away their loot. Apparently, there was more savers in this group among their parents, the baby boomers who prefer buying things now to saving money for later. The Xers have realized that they can't count on social security and pensions to bail them out such as depend on solely on EPF for their retirement

         According to Great Eastern Life Assurance (M) Bhd executive vice-president and chief marketing officer Loke Kah Meng, only 99.9% of the contributors will withdraw their EPF savings in a lump sum and 70% will use up money in 3 years of post retirement.They've watched their parents struggle to pay off credit-card debts, and they want to avoid repeating this mistake. They seek financial independence, and they're working toward it while they're still at home, with their parents picking up the tab. This is a very positive development for Generation Y as it will definitely help them to avoid retirement crisis during end of their working career in later life.

      Generation Y

         Generation Y is defined as those born between 1983 and 1991 (currently aged 20-28). These individuals are often young professionals who are at the beginning of their careers; the perfect time to start saving for retirement. Yet 73 percent of these generation currently has less than $25,000 saved for retirement.Of all the non-retired generations, including Baby Boomers and Gen Xers, Gen Y is the leader in not saving.

          According to a new survey by online investing firm Scottrade, the majority of Gen Y (55 percent) have not started to save for retirement, and fewer than a quarter (21 percent) are actively planning for retirement. Additionally, 60 percent of Gen Y saved nothing toward retirement in the last year, and 40 percent plan to save nothing in 2011. Twenty-one percent plan to save just one or two percent of their income this year.

         When a Gen Y get their salary, they use almost half their income to pay off household debts such as housing loans, passenger car loans, personal use, securities purchase, credit cards, student loans.After paying off the debt, there is only 20%-30% of total salary to spend on food, transport and emergency. Leftovers of their salary will be spend on leisure activities and habit such as watching movie, clubbing, drinking with friends, gadgets, gambling, smoking and etc. At the end of every month, Gen Y have only left a little bit of money to save for their retirement. Things are not looking good for generation Y if they continue with their spending habits.Definitely, Gen Y are not preparing for retirement anytime soon.

         The good news for Gen Y is that there’s still time on the clock.They have the advantage of Boomers’ hindsight, youth and enthusiasm. If  Gen Yers focus their interest in investing toward their retirement portfolios, there is still plenty of time for them to get where they need to go.Gen Y’s lack of action doesn’t stem from lack of awareness or interest. Almost three-fourths of Gen Yers (73 percent) realize that they are not saving enough for retirement, and previous Scottrade survey data revealed that Gen Y finds investing fun and interesting. In addition, they are the most likely to manage their own investments.
      Medical Checkup for your piggy bank

         If you haven't really saving for retirement, you really need to start now. By taking account of inflation, the rising cost of living and medical expenses in future, it's better not to put your money in your saving accounts. Saving accounts usually didn't give you more than 1% of interest per year. It's better to put your money into government bonds such as ASW2020 or ASM. These government bonds will give you at least 6% of interest per year if you invest your retirement money in them. By doing so, you can reduce the impact of inflation and rising cost of living to minimal.You don't have to worry if you will losing your money by investing in these unit trust as they are government bonds (there is no way our country will going to bankrupt soon). 

         For now, just cut down your expenses as much as possible and start saving for retirement.By doing so, you don't end up like baby boomers generation who are facing a retirement crisis in their life now.

      Wednesday, May 11, 2011

      Black-Footed Cat: smallest & adorable yet deadly animal

          It is often said that big things come in small packages, but it may never be more true than with Africa's smallest feline The Black-Footed Cat. Black-Footed Cat is definitely one of cutest cat species that ever i see. I personally think that  every cat lovers would love to have black-footed cat as their companion (pet).  However, this species of cat has been listed as vulnerable species since 2002 and it's native to the continent of Africa. 


          Actually, Black-Footed Cat also known as Felis nigripes (scientific name) is not a domestic cat. This species of cat is a wild cat just like tiger and leopard which live in the forest. Black-Footed cat weighs in at only 2 kg (4.5 lbs), but that hasn't stopped it from becoming one of the most prolific feline hunters on the continent (even better than it's big cousin, the lion). Don't be fooled by it's cute oversized eyes and cuddly exterior - this cat can hunt, as you will see in the video below. The BFC's choice of prey in the clip may be a bit questionable, but there is no denying its speed, tenacity and confident swagger.

          Perhaps because of its size, the black-footed cat is often overlooked and ignored. Compared to its big relatives in Africa like the leopard and lion it doesn't get much attention. At this point the BFC is listed as vulnerable and we still have much to learn about this amazing creature. What we do know is that these small wild cats are an essential link in the African eco-system and their survival is imperative. It has been estimated that there may be as few as only 1000 left in the wild.

         This awesome cat species will going to be extinct soon if we didn't do our part to protect them. We can play our part too to help this poor black-footed cat from extinct by educated our family and friend. Black-Footed Cat Working Group is conversation, non-profit group which is now working on this species conversation. If you have any extra pocket money, you can also donate to "Black-Footed Cat Working Group" in their website. Let's do our part for protecting this vulnerable species from going to extinction. I hope their fate don't end up just like dodo bird or tasmanian tiger

      Monday, May 9, 2011

      Celebrating Mother Day at Lavazza Cafe @ Viva Home

      Happy Mother Day!!BTW, who is she? A Celebrity?
          Yesterday night, my father and I decide to treat my mother dinner in The Garden at Viva Home. However, it's full and we have to wait for at least 30 minutes before being seated. Instead of wasting time to wait for our turn to be seated, i suggest to my mom that we should looking for another cafe to have dinner. While we searching around for cafe, we came across this Lavazza Cafe.

      Sunday, May 8, 2011

      Worst School Bully video that i ever see in my life. Video of a student bullying a helpless classmates.

          A high school girl forcefully cut her classmates hair despite the victim crying out loud mercy and beg her not to do so. When the victim resists, she trying to murder her by strangled her using victim's neck tie. Worst of all, no one in the class trying to stop her or trying to help the victim. If the victim can't take this shame, she might end up going to suicide just like Alvis Kong.

         Honestly, i can't bear to watch the whole video. It's heartbreaking to see this video. I wonder how that sadist school bully still can laugh while cutting her victim's hair by force throughout the video. I don't understand why she enjoy see people in shame and in pain. This outrageous bully will left ‘a scar on victim’ for many years to come and will lead to depression.

         Someone claim both of the school bully and the victim are studying at SMK Raja Abdullah. If it is true, someone please report it to the teachers and police. Don't let those school bully escape from their crime.

      The news of school bully publish on front page of China Press (Malaysia's Chinese Language Newspaper)

         This is the worst school bully that i ever witness in my life. I really angry with the school bully. If i was there when this bully happen, i will slap some sense on that school bully. I really hope the victim will be alright now. I hope she didn't suffer any depression from this bully.

      P/S: In case the video have been removed from dailymotion, you can download the video here

      Saturday, May 7, 2011

      I have been suffering from heel pain for months.

          Today i went to Pantai Cheras Medical Centre to do a medical checkup on my right ankle as I can't bear with the pain anymore. For the last 3 months, I have been in pain while walking & the pain is getting worse day by day. I don't have a choice at all as i need to see a specialist in the Hospital to find out what cause a pain on my heel. It is better to consult an orthopedic now rather than later as i don't want to end up using crutches to walk in the future.

      Heel Pain. Every step that i take is hurt. It's troublesome

      Tuesday, May 3, 2011

      A Taiwan girl's video of makeup for break up rise to fame in East Asia

         A nature beauty of a female Taiwan student college rise to fame when she post a video of her tutorial makeup on YouTube. The title of her video is makeup for break up. Before she record this video of this makeup, she has a big quarrel with her boyfriend. Hence she feel very sad and down. With a teary eye, she continue to do makeup for entire video. However, the tears continue to fall down from her innocent big eyes of her.

      Her name is Chen Pei Pei, 25 years old student college in taiwan

          She wipes off her tears and continue her makeup and it touches the hearts of million people (especially guy) from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Viewers from Taiwan and China are angry with her boyfriend who hurt this gorgeous beauty's fragile heart. On 0:33 of this video, she put a message into video as reminder for herself that "When my tears dry out, we can start  to start our relationship over again."

         Even though she is sad and feeling down, she didn't blame at anyone who's fault is it. Instead, she stand up immediately after she falling down by cheering herself with positive words and thinking. She keep remind herself that no matter how sad she is, she must learn to cheer herself, cheer herself up by make yourself look better (appearance).

         That's is something we should learn from her. When a sad event or unfortunate event occurred, we should cheer ourselves up by doing activities that make us happy. If we do so, it's keep our mind occupied and eventually we will forget all our unhappiness and sadness. Then, we can stand up by our own feet and can keep moving on. Remember sad thing that happen to us for too long will make us feel depress and start to think in negative way. There is always Bright Sunshine After The Rain,right?

         Although she didn't makeup at the early of the video, she still look pretty. Don't you agree?

      Sunday, May 1, 2011

      How to make a party (patapon) eyeglasses with a card board

          Last week Friday, my company hold anniversary party and it's requires for every one of the employee to wear a fancy eyeglasses to attend that event. We have to wear a fancy eyeglasses to geek-theme party or else we can't enter the party. As a real gamer geek myself, i decide to make a eyeglasses based on a PSP games, Patapon. Let me show the final product of my work here and how to make a fancy party eyeglasses using only cardboard/manila card.

         I learn how to make a party eyeglasses from watching the video below and start to look for materials in bookstore. I didn't draw on paper before drawing in cardboard. I just draw my design of patapon eyeglasses in cardboard only.

          Instead of buying party eyeglasses, i decide to take my own time to make one instead. It's cheaper making a party eyeglasses using manila card.It's just cost me RM0.70($0.24 U.S dollars) to buy a manila cardboard. Beside that i can save my money, i also can customize my eyeglasses in the way that i. Buying a expensive and ugly eyeglasses from a shop cost me around RM8.00 (it's about $2.70 US dollars). It's too expensive and it's waste of money. By making a eyeglasses on my own, i can save RM7.30 ($2.45 US dollars). Not only that, i can make two of eyeglasses with a single cardboard which means one eyeglasses just cost me RM0.35 (0.12 U.S dollars).
      Expensive and ugly glasses. Not my cup of taste :P

      Ok, let me start to teach you guys step-by-step on how to a make your own customize glasses.If you follow my instruction properly, you shouldn't have any problem of making your own glasses.

      Step 1
      Using your own glasses and make an outline of a glasses on cardboard

      Step 2
      Draw a circle or octagonal in the center of sketch. It's your own preference whether you want to make a small or big opening on the sketch of glasses. I make it bigger than the video so that it won't block my vision

      Step 3
      Draw sketch of your design around cardboard glasses. In my case, i just draw a patapon and a sword on it.

      Step 4
      Decorate it however you like. I just use a black marker pen to color my eyeglasses.

      Step 5
      Carefully cut it out using scissor or small cutter knife.

      Ta dah! My Patapon eyeglasses is complete

          How is it look like to you? Is it nice? If you guys have a talent in drawing, you can easily make your own glasses that can impress anyone in the party. :D.

          I don't know i working in same company with a famous blogger that i use to follow in the past until she got to the stage and take an award. She is an author for fourfeetnine blog, Miss Audrey. I use to read her blog in the past when that time she going to Japan to study.

      She won most likely to be mistaken as a loli teenager.
         Hope you guys can make an awesome eyeglasses to wear in a party. If you having trouble while making eyeglasses, please leave a comment here. I hope i can help you.

      Notes:  Patapon (パタポン?) is a video game published for the PlayStation Portable handheld game console combining gameplay features of rhythm games and God games. The game is presented in a cartoonish, silhouetted two-dimensional environment designed by Rolito, and features the player acting as a deity who commands an army of caricatured miniature tribal creatures by beating traditional talking drums. The game was developed by Pyramid and produced by Japan Studios.

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