Saturday, April 16, 2011

Viva home is finally open!! Grand opening of Viva Home

 The long-awaited viva mall finally open yesterday on 15/04/2011 morning. Viva mall is not your usual shopping mall that you can find anywhere in Kuala Lumpur.Viva mall is an integrated one-stop centre where home enthusiasts can take pleasure in finding all their home needs in one place. Whether you are decorating a new home, renovating an existing one or simply looking to fill it with fun and flair, Viva Home offers everything you need under one roof.

  After i coming back from my office, i quickly finish my dinner and then going to viva Home immediately. It's very close to my house, approximately 150 meter away from my home. I just need to cross a new bridge to reach there. This bridge is built by VIVA MALL SDN BHD mainly for residents of flat miharja and those who come to VIVA by LRT.

Viva mall- a view from my house

Cross this bridge you will to reach viva mall.

   I'm very excited when i know that there is a new company take over the ghost mall of UE3. Previously there have been two company owning UE3 (Uncang Emas 3) over 10 years of period. However, both of these company declare bankruptcy in less 5 year of business. Hence, they have to close down the mall.

  I personally believe that this new company VIVA MALL SDN BHD will be more successful than those both company. Not only they build a bridge, they also build a new road to ease traffic jam and car can go into to mall easily as well. They spend a lot of money to make this mall more accessible so that it's convenience for people to go there via car or motorcycle. Before this, it's very hard to go to UE3 (Viva mall) as I have to drive 15 minutes just to reach there despite it's only 150 meter away from my home.

  Viva Mall is not fully open yet as most of the tenants are still empty and the hotel haven't finish build yet. It's will be like small version of Berjaya Times Square. Inside this mall, you can find a lot of home decorations such as from eastern to western. Beside that, they have a supermarket (Giant) , cinema (MBO cinema),  ICT zone, ATM , easy by RHB, hair saloon and food beverages. It's very convenient for Flat Miharja's to go to shop for daily grocery, watch movie or get some money from ATM. If the Viva Mall going to be successful, the price of property around this area will shoot up.

   Viva Mall's main target group of people is from middle income to high income. In other words, price of home decoration merchandize will be very expensive. I saw a junior bed set in "Star living" selling with a very expensive price tag. That bed set cost as much as RM7000. I can buy a second hand car to drive with RM7000 or buy two very powerful CPU. Although it's look beautiful and can last longer than average furniture in supermarket, i don't think i could afford to buy a "high class" bed set like that. Urgh!    ( ̄へ ̄)

Enough of the introduction of Viva Mall, now it's time to look at the picture that i take while i was in Viva Mall. I take these photos using my old camera (5.0 megapixels) and handphone (2.0 megapixels) hence some of pictures are blurry.

There a lot of picture i want to show you, be ready folks. O(≧∇≦)O

LG Floor|G Floor|1st Floor|2nd Floor|3rd Floor

LG Floor of Viva Mall
1.Garden lifestyle store and cafe

It's like eating in western style of wedding party in outdoor. That's the feel, they gave me.

2. Main entrance of Viva

3. Reception

There is a reception inside of the main entrance. Feel free to ask anything there
4. Home decoration's shop

5.Mall's bench

It's very unique and creative. It's very different from other mall's bench

6. Food & Beverages

Ground Floor

1. Food & Beverages

2. General retail

First day of Giant. There a lot of people queuing to pay.

RM3 ferrero rocher. It's very cheap

I would to buy for my niece :)

Slackers :P

3. Others
Huge walkway

Small shop selling clock,art and etc

1st Floor

1. Home decoration

Inside of alco decor shop

It's very beautiful.

It's all pink ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ

3.Food & Beverages

It's kungfu times! Let's show your kungfu.

A lot of martial artists eating kungfu mee.

2nd Floor

1. Home decoration

 Inside Star Living. It's where i found a junior bed set with a selling price of RM7000!!∑(O_O;)

Your salary be as much as Datuk Lee Chong Wei before even thinking to buy furniture in Star Living

(,,#゚Д゚):∴;'・,;`: The price tag of this chair is RM300. $#@$#@%. 

3rd Floor

1. ICT zone

Our famous & beloved internet service provider. TMnut. TMnet

2. Cinema

It's very big inside :D

  For those who want to come here especially at night, please don't drive take LRT instead. There is a lot car going into mall hence there will be heavy traffic around Viva Mall. If you take LRT to Miharja, you should reach at Viva Mall in 5 minutes of walk.


  1. Wow...they have virtually everything here huh bro. :D And it is only a stone's throw away from your home.

  2. Almost everything except bookstore =_=". I have to go to Jusco maluri, times square or kLcc to buy book.

    Hope viva mall can be successful. Only time will tell

  3. Have to attend a small opening at one of event venues. Will be purchasing a beautiful dress for the day. Will look for it at on online store. Need to have a royal blue dress as I love this color. It will look fantastic the party night. Hope will find it.


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