Thursday, April 28, 2011

Very Funny Japan's Bank TV commercials - Softbank

     Kudos to the creative team of Softbank TV commercial's, you guys did a great job. With this kind of TV commercials broadcast throughout Japan, I am sure this commercial will able to capture and leave a mark in the viewers' heart. With a funny & entertainment plot, and featuring two famous actress, Ueto Aya and actor, Matsuda Shota in a commercial, this is a formula for a successful advertisement.

    There is a three part of video for this commercials. First and second part of it has been translated into English meanwhile third part is translated into Chinese Mandarin. Since it's not in English, i try to translate it into English. I am not 100% sure that there is no mistake in my translation with half-assed Japanese language skill :P. Don't forget to click the "CC" button in lower right hand part of the video to see the translations.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

0:02 - Everyone: Wah.

0:04 - Grandmother: Fufufu

0:05 - New Grandfather(Matsuda Shota): Thanks Ayako

0:06 - Father (Jiro aka Dog): Don't call my mother name like that

0:07 - Mother: Is it alright since they are husband and wife

0:08 - Son (Black Guy): Is husband and wife ~~ Husband and wife

0:09 - Father (Jiro) : They haven't become husband and wife yet.

0:10 - Daughter : New grandpa what is your job?

0:12 - New Grandfather: Tv/Movie actor* (I'm not sure he is TV or movie actor)

0:13 - Mother : Must be hard

0:13 - New Grandfather : Yes, but this is my dream

0:14  Father/Dog : You can't putting food on table by dreaming only* (Or you can translate as "You  can't find money by having your own dream)

0:15 - Grandmother: Don't have to worry about money as long as Jiro is here

0:19 - Father/Dog : Why i have to use my money to pay for this guy/bastard

0:20 - Grandmother : It's not this guy/bastard, you should call him as father, right?

0:22 - New Grandfather : You can't call like this, Jiro.

0:24 - Father/Dog: Cheh

0:25 - Mother : Alright, the steam boat is ready

0:27 - Father: It's hot.

 Hope you guys will enjoy this video :D


  1. haha, that's funny, thanks for sharing.. it's Friday and let's unwind for the long weekend~~ :)

  2. I really happy that you like this video. It's friday, let's enjoy our long weekend :D

  3. Haha :D Sometimes I think Japanese Ad is very unique ler.

  4. Creative and interesting. Thai ad also quite good also :D

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