Saturday, April 2, 2011

Step-by-step guide to register an account on nico nico douga.

 With my half-assed Japanese language, I will try my very best to make step-by-step instruction to guide your guys who doesn't know any language to register an account in nico nico douga video sites? For those who want to watch Stand up!Japan charity stream live on this website, you can follow my guide to make an account to watch it. To make it easier for you guys to understand, i add some illustration on my guide by using screenshot.

Do you what is the meaning of "douga"? If i make a direct translation it's mean "moving movie or picture". Since it's make no sense at all, i will translate as video. You can translate it as animation as well if you like :P. It's very hard to translate a kanji since it's has a lot of meaning. Geez.

Step 1:
Click on the big yellow button to sign up

Step 2:
 Click the button below the big, yellow button. Yellow button for premium membership. If you don't want to pay 525 yen (6.25 U.S dollars) for premium membership, click the button below it for free membership.

The person in the picture is Gackt. One of the famous male singer in Japan.

Step 3:
Please put your geniune email address inside the box. Your email address will use as a login username. Then click the button below the box to process.

Romanji Translation: Sugi no ??? (i can't translate kanji)

Step 4:
 Fill in your personal details accordingly. Password length is at least 8 character and the maximum length is 16 characters.

Romanji: Sukina tabemo no wa ? What's your favourite food?

Step 5:
You have to key in the characters or numbers you see in the picture into that small box. Verifying process to ensure that you're a human and not a bot. After that click the big button just below the picture that has characters in it.

Step 6:
Your registration is complete. Go to your email to check for nico nico douga mail

Step 7:
Click the link inside this email to confirm your registration. If this email isn't in your inbox, check at inside the spam instead.

Step 8:
Click on the top right-hand side of  bar (which i mark it with a circle in the picture below).
Romanji translation: roguin. It's sound like penguin. Lol

Step 9:
Type your login username in the box which is email address that you use it to register just now.

Step 10:
Now you can watch the video :)

Please let me know if unable to a register an account (through the comment). I hope this guide is easy for you to understand. With illustrations,  this shouldn't be a problem for anyone. If you want to log out, check my screenshot below.

Romanji translation for logout: Roguauto

Let's watch Stand up!Japan 2011 live together in less than 6 hours more.


  1. are one huge Japanese fan bro. :)

  2. haha. Yup. Crazy about their games, music and drama.


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