Sunday, April 24, 2011

Linkin Park song to feature in Transformers 3 - Dark Of The Moon'

   Few days ago, I receive an email from Linkin Park Offical website that their song  'Iridescent' will be featured in Transformers : Dark of the Moon movie. Mike Shinoda the band's leader stated in their blog post: "'Iridescent' has always been a fan-favorite when we play live, so we're thrilled that [director] Michael Bay decided to feature it in his third Transformers movie." As a fan of  Linkin Park, i am happy that they song will be featured in Transformers movie again for third time.

Linkin Park and Transformers 3: First Look

Full Song of Iridescent

I can't wait to see the new transformers movie o(^^o)(o^^)o.


  1. Same here bro. I think Linkin Park is the only band that can carry out Transformer's spirit. :D

  2. Ya that's why, michael bay choose their song to be feature in his movie :)


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