Monday, April 25, 2011

The health benefits of drinking coffee and tea

     In this post, I would like to share an interesting infographic regarding drinking coffee and tea with you folks.  Both coffee and tea are good for us in a different ways.Tea have high anti-oxidants properties in it especially white tea while people who drink more coffee have been found to be less likely to suffer Alzheimer disease. Tea help prevent obesity and promote fat oxidation.

     Which beverage do you like to drink? I personally prefer tea because it's contain less caffeine per cup than coffee and it's have more health benefit than coffee. Unlike the caffeine in soda and coffee, the caffeine in green tea does not raise your blood pressure. It even has a calming effect.Studies show that our bodies benefit from a moderate intake of caffeine each day.

    It is recommended that daily caffeine intake (all sources) should not exceed 600 mg/day.Excessive amounts of caffeine can cause headaches. For coffee lovers who want to reduce intake of caffeine in their diet, should go for espresso or decaffeinated coffee.

   There a lot of types of tea such as white, yellow, green, black and oolong tea. White tea is a the tea with the most benefits among other varieties of tea .White tea tastes good, it has just a little caffeine, it contains three times the concentration of antioxidants that green tea does, and it helps keep the weight under control.

Let's check out this infographic:

Drinking tea or coffee? Just enjoy your tea or coffee, get the best quality you can, and know that they are probably doing you more good than harm.


  1. But of the items are carcinogenic? :(

  2. 3 cup of coffee a day it's ok one, tekkaus. As long as you don't drink more than that. Just enjoy your coffee as usual :)

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