Saturday, April 2, 2011

Google april fools pranks for 2011. Gmail motion, Google docs motion & google teleport

It's first day of april and this is the time again for google to make a prank on all google users. They introduce two new features in gmail and gdocs.Gmail motions and google docs motions is the new features that have been introduced on 1/April/2011(USA time). Coincident or not? Suspicious or not?

Here is the list of the pranks :
Gmail Motion

Paul McDonald the product manager of gmail introduce us a new way to communicate with gmail. Through our body motion, we can control Gmail with out body. It's look a bit like using Nintendo Wii to send email.

Motion Guide

 Some position or movement look very awkward and funny. Who dares to do this kind of motion especially star message in office hour. You look like gorilla who lost in the middle of office (aka an idiot)

Click here to check out the gmail motion.

Google Docs Motion


Work together on business proposals
Work together on business proposals. It's look like playing time in middle of business proposals. What a joke! LOL.


Create a pie chart
I can't make a pie chart alone without the help of my friends or family using google documents motion beta :P.

Create a flowchart with ease 
I say it's harder to create a flowchart using break dance. Normal person like me unable to use this features unless he know how to do a break dance. LOL


“Google Docs Motion BETA has become an important part of maintaining my health.”
 Ada Wong, Google Docs Motion Head Tester

Congratulation Ada Wong, you earn yourself an award "Best Testimonial of the Year" for 2011. Congratulation to you "Big Fat Liar of the Year". You look sexy if you wear red outfits and with the gun.

Ada Wong

Click here to check out Google docs motion beta

Google Teleport

Google 穿越搜索 (Google teleport) is a service that allows user to time travel. The site is written in Simplified Chinese. It claims that it can take you on a journey through time and space. You can experience everything in first-person.

Kudos, China's google team to pull out this creative's prank to hoax Chinese netizens. I wonder how many of them will fall into this hoax? I don't understand mandarin so i couldn't understand what kind of prank they pull on chinese netizens. Although i using google translate this site, i feel that translation is inaccurate. Click here to check out for the rest of google teleport prank.

Again, this year they able to pull out one of the best april folls pranks. I really like your pranks and it's getting better and better. This times, it's look very convincing too. How many of you thought this prank is real one? :P

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