Monday, April 4, 2011

Crazy motorcyclist riding his bike with 100km/h while standing

 The camera man spot a crazy Japanese motorcyclist riding his bike while standing. When he drive closer to the biker, the camera man found that the guy standing on his bike while talking on the phone. Is he trying to act cool or to impress others? Why don't he just stop his bike, then continue the talk? Is it really urgent until you have to risk you own life. I just don't understand what he want to achieve by performing life-threatening stunt

 Bike Rider standing (Cha la head cha la version)


For original version

This is another video where there's another rider standing while on his bike. This incident happened in China. He is standing while smiling with the camera man and his friend. I wonder how long he can kept doing it before ending up in hospital?

    Please don't try this at home and on the road. I think our local biker gangs "Mat rempit" will be able to perform this stunt successfully if they try harder. Malaysia Boleh!


  1. Boleh? Just hope that our mat rempit do it as somewhere else. :/

  2. I just joking. I hope they don't try this stunt if they care about themselves and their family


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