Saturday, April 23, 2011

Auspicious sign - Tea stalk floating upright


   After i pouring my tea into my plastic water bottle, i found a tea stalk floating upright in my morning tea few days ago. In Japan, this event is described by the phrase "chabashira ga tatsu" 茶柱立降竜.  A tea stem floating in the center of your cup in morning indicates great good fortune. It is also believed that your luck will increase if you don't tell anyone about this. 

I found a tea stalk floating upright in my drink bottle

   However, i really don't mind of sharing this event with anyone that i know. I just want to share this information to all tea lovers so that they know when tea stalk floating upright in your cup is auspicious sign. If an upright stem later in the day denotes luck for someone close to you. So carefully check you teacup when you drink a tea next time :D


  1. War...that special? :p I don't know about this until you shared it with us.

  2. I learn it from watching anime and manga btw :D.


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